Look Ma! A Clean House

Posted on Jun 06, 2007. 4 comments

Or, How I recreated cheesy 80's photo backdrops with fancypants Gnuware in Six Easy Peices. I think I should have made my ass smaller.
If only it were so easy to do in real life with intelligent scissors and liberal use of Gaussian blur techniques.
Meanwhile I'm unraveling the passage of time on Ravelry. Code Name Fickleknitter. My new addiction has gotten so bad I've been kicking the Husband out of bed, since all my projects must have corresponding photos and he happens to sleep in my favorite photography spot. Almost makes you feel sorry for the man, doesn't it?
Observe the resulting Ravelry inspired Photography (With apologies to the Husband, it was worth it. To me.)
Five College Sweater
Picked up again after losing pattern. I think I can match the design pretty closely by careful observation. At least mine will be unique.
Nordic Inspired EPS sweater
I've forgotten how lovely it is. Which means I'll have to scour the planet for extra Cashsoft 4 ply when I inevitably run out.
The good news is I've been inspired by what I've seen on the site. I've decided to move forward with both mothballed projects.
Hear that sound? Some where very very warm has just gotten very very cold.


  • Posted by Jennifer on Jun 06, 2007

    psst. Purl Soho has cashsoft, oddly enough in the newsletter I just got, not that it’s all that rare at the moment. but what the hell, buy more yarn!

  • Posted by Heidi on Jun 10, 2007

    your intarsia skills are awesome!

  • Posted by Roberta on Jun 06, 2007

    you’ve done lots of blogging while i’ve been ignoring my computer. I like Mike’s little montage. And Maya is just his little mini me in the slide show on the bottom. Too cute.
    I do recognize those old projects. they’re looking good.

  • Posted by Carrie K on Jun 06, 2007

    Nice sweaters! Cute baby! Moving forward with old UFO’s shouldn’t be upsetting the balance of nature. Now finishing them. That would be scary.

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