The Tooth. You must remember the Tooth.

Posted on Jun 06, 2007. 12 comments

Maya's first tooth broke through the gum yesterday. I screamed when I felt it. I hope that's not a harbinger of other maternal reactions to come.
This is the part where you'd see a picture if my little bird would open her mouth.
But she won't cooperate. Already working on that contrary attitude for the teenaged years. Just like her Mama did. Ahem. Also, If anyone has any wisdom on how to gently tell their age appropriate children that when Mummy was a young person she enjoyed a drink or three and watched The Wall her share of times please feel free to share.
This episode of Desperate Measures is brought to you by the letters F, A and T.
For some stupid reason I decided to compare my newly too tight jeans with my favorite pair of pre-pregnancy jeans.
As you can see I have a way to go (although I've lost a staggering 45 pounds already). I'll let you do the math, but I'll tell you this. C*rls Jr Sourdough Breakfast Sammich Meals are the work of the devil. Apparently they cause pregnant ladies (or at least this previously pregnant lady) to gain weight at an alarming rate. Or so I tell myself.
But, getting back to topic-My solution for the dreaded 25 lbs of extra F, A and T is a serious one that should be considered carefully before taking action. I'll warn you ahead of time, it's not for the faint of heart.
Maya and Baxter can barely contain their excitement.
The good news is, my new stroller lets me blast my Pink Floyd (I want her to have good taste in music, don't I?) as I'm screaming down the sidewalk at 0.3452 miles per hour. Just fast enough to deposit a bright red sweaty glow on my face that often causes concerned strangers to inquire on my well being.


  • Posted by The Husband on Jun 07, 2007

    Jenn is spot-on: I can count on one hand the number of women I know who like Rush, the men I know who don’t on the other hand, and still have maybe five fingers left over between them. No band I’m aware of divides by gender more cleanly, and for so little obvious rational reason (for or against), than Rush.
    Much as I hope to surrender a spare finger on behalf of Maya’s musical preferences, the fact that she’s a girl means the odds aren’t in my favor. Still, I might be inclined to slip a little Tom Sawyer in-between the Baby Mozart CDs tomorrow morning when Mama’s not looking.
    (in the high school halls… in the shopping malls… conform or be cast out… almost makes me want to finally fix the video game and fire it up. Ah, memories of misspent youth…)

  • Posted by Jenn on Jun 08, 2007

    I live in fear that my husband will expose our child to the Little River Band. For some unknown reason, he loves them. On the other hand, I heard Lady in the grocery store and I actually laughed out loud. Then I was a little sad because I actually recognized the song.

  • Posted by La on Jun 08, 2007

    Uht oh, I guess I’d better go look for my penis, because I actually like them.
    Okay, what about Queensryche?
    P.S. I DO remember the snippet of a conversation where you mentioned you didn’t like Rush, hence the poking…wink
    One of these days after the bathroom remodel and the junk rooming cleaning out, I’ll find 2 minutes to rub together one weekend soon and have you and Maya back over again for some knit and baby time

  • Posted by Michelle on Jun 07, 2007

    La, Rush is the ONLY Classic Rock Band that I don’t like. If Maya hears Rush it will be during Daddy time!
    Elinor-We’re still nursing. I’m sticking my head in the sand as far as biting goes. I’ve checked my favorite reference ( for biting in the event that it happens. As for the Jeans, the Gap’s long and leans are being made by a different manufacturer. I like the new fit, just wish it was me that was a smaller size. I’m still harboring illusions of fitting into my old jeans though.

  • Posted by string on Jun 07, 2007

    Right now i have a pretty good idea of what’s coming up. Mostly I just want real food again. I’m not the kind of person who can eat the same thing for months on end, and since i start out kinda scrawny the No fat thing is making me lose almost dangerous amounts of weight.

  • Posted by Jenn on Jun 07, 2007

    Rush is a man band. I don’t really know any women who like it, but for some reason, most men I know really do. go figure.

  • Posted by Miriam on Jun 07, 2007

    YAY for obscure Dune references!

  • Posted by Elinor on Jun 07, 2007

    Oh honey, I feel for you with the teeth. Teeth are scary. Especially if you’re still nursing. Ouch. Beatrix bit me twice about a week or two after her teeth came in and then she hasn’t done it again. I made a really, really big deal out of it though. Those baby teeth are sharp!!!
    I hear you on baby weight. I’m back down to my pre-preg weight but none of my old clothes fit. Everything’s moved around, I think! Eek. I’m still under the delusion that if I lose more weight, I’ll somehow make it back to my favorite jeans. I couldn’t care less about the other stuff but my jeans! Ah!!!

  • Posted by Jenn on Jun 07, 2007

    We’ve also been going through our iPods and figuring out what’s child appropriate and what’s not. Sadly, much of our music is not child appropriate.
    I have a story about how old I am. Someone was telling a story about how their 14 or 15 year old daughter’s friend asked her to borrow her Purple Rain (Prince) CD so she could make up a baton twiriling routine to Darling Nikki. I thought, “Man, that is a COMPLETELY inappropriate song for a 14 year old to be listening to.” Until I remembered that Purple Rain came out in 1984 and Prince was one of my favorite artists. In 1984, I was 12.
    So yeah, I have absolutely no idea how I am going to control what my children listen to once they reach their teenage years without feeling like a really big hypocrite.

  • Posted by La on Jun 07, 2007

    What, no Rush? I’d have thought the MAN would have demanded it!

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