The Sharn Shady Bag Sale

Posted on Jun 08, 2007. 4 comments

There happens to be a fairly well known yarn bag sale tomorrow within driving distance. I'll be going. But I have discovered how to best optimize the experience: arrive after the angry, unwashed hordes have dissipated but before all the cake is gone. Aunties Roberta and perhaps Lyssa will be joining Little Miss Teeth Monster on our quest for yarn and cake.
Did anyone else notice this comment left yesterday by the Husband? I'll bold the part I'm interested in and blatantly ignore the letting-my-child-listen-to-Rush parts. What Daddy and Baby do during Daddy Baby time is really none of my concern.
Jenn is spot-on: I can count on one hand the number of women I know who like Rush, the men I know who don't on the other hand, and still have maybe five fingers left over between them. No band I'm aware of divides by gender more cleanly, and for so little obvious rational reason (for or against), than Rush.
Much as I hope to surrender a spare finger on behalf of Maya's musical preferences, the fact that she's a girl means the odds aren't in my favor. Still, I might be inclined to slip a little Tom Sawyer in-between the Baby Mozart CDs tomorrow morning when Mama's not looking.
(in the high school halls... in the shopping malls... conform or be cast out... almost makes me want to finally fix the video game and fire it up. Ah, memories of misspent youth...)

The Husband is speaking of the ill-fated Cocktail Tempest Video Game of Doom. If you've been reading awhile, you'll remember the empty threat I made to dispose of this giant floor-holder-upper on October 12, 2005.
We need the 3'x3'x3' floor space (for baby goods) taken up by that Proudly not working since 1995 Monstrosity.
He can buy me off with Sharn Shady yarn, enough to fill the 3'x3'x3' void in my life. I'll also accept the dollar amount $4174, one dollar for every non working day.


  • Posted by Allison on Jun 08, 2007

    Let me know how the bag sale is. I have always wanted to go but I always seem to be saving money when it happens.

  • Posted by lyssa on Jun 08, 2007

    Sadly, I probably won’t make it…I’ll either be asleep or at martial arts class, depending on whether laziness or virtue wins.

  • Posted by monica on Jun 10, 2007

    I like Rush but not any more than The Who or Pink Floyd. I’m probably dating myself here but I remember seeing them in concert when their Presto album (notice I said album) came out.
    I hope the cake at the sale was good!

  • Posted by jess on Jun 08, 2007

    you can add me (and two really good friends of mine) to the females-who-like-rush thing. ;) I’m taking hubs to see ’em again later this month. Heh.

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