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When something's going wrong what can you do but try and interject a little frivolity.
Step on a Crack
Break Your Mama's Back
I've taken to calling Maya (you may remember choosing her name was a contentious matter between the Husband and myself, I mean who doesn't love the name Beulah? Moving on.) Fang. Fang is really no longer relevant since she's broken both her front bottom teeth (Elinor I'm afraid you were right in the comments the other day, my worst fears were realized and I've lived to tell the tale.) Anyhow Fang has been much happier since the events leading up to her first teeth-al eruptions.
But oh the way my child refuses food. She closes her little lips like a parsimonious scrooge cleaves to his full purse. I thought the imminence of teeth would bring at least a little interest in food other than the obvious choices.
What can you do but go forward and move ahead I suppose.
Synergistic Paradigm Dialog
Sometimes the forces in the Universe align and the perfect needles, yarn and pattern come together in harmonious union. Even if you have to rip out the first 22 rows before you remember how to properly read charts. I am smitten with all aspects of this illicitly cast on lace. The yarn is a delight, the needles are heaven, and the pattern sings.
I purchased the yarn last March when I was newly-unbeknownst-to-me pregnant and I've waited for the perfect pattern to come along. It's 100% Mohair, and my only complaint is I have a painful hangnail on my right pointer finger where I carry the yarn. Not much of a complaint is it? The Ebony Holz and Stein needles were a rare find from a yarn shop who received a shipment 6 years later than planned. These needles are purported to be crafted from retired musical instruments which I can totally romanticize, just like I do with enduring sea voyages and lugubrious cross country train rides. The pattern by Sivia Harding is manna for the starving. It's cleverly written to include the edging, the charts are clear and concise, and the pattern repeats dependably and reassuringly through the scarf or shawl size. The whole of it makes me want to knit in a rocking chair with a good cuppa and even better music.


  • Posted by stephanie on Jun 26, 2007

    If she’s not reaching and grabbing for food, then she’s probably not ready. Try putting a little squishy stuff on her fingers and see what she does with it.

  • Posted by Carrie K on Jun 26, 2007

    She’s so cute. And clearly a musical prodigy.
    Glad to hear about Baxter! Managed is better than not.
    I love that about needles made from retired musical instruments! That’s so….lyrical.

  • Posted by Jennifer on Jun 20, 2007

    Ooh, I contemplated that pattern last night. It’s either that or Shetland Triangle. Since I’m such a fabu lace knitter. hahahaha

  • Posted by Heidi on Jun 24, 2007

    you don’t have to worry about Maya eating until she is ready…. You will know when the time is right.. I think 6-7 months is kind of early myself…. my babies don’t start eating solids till about 9 months (tho mine don’t usually teethe till then)
    trust your instincts, and follow her cues..

  • Posted by Anita on Jun 24, 2007

    I can totally relate on baby names. My DBH (Dear Balding Husband) gave all my name choices ones and twos. His choices included Deejay. I said I wasn’t going to name my kid with initials. In the end I was frantically flipping through a baby book trying to find one. I settled (I wanted Andrew) and our son did get a name that we both could live with.
    I agree with Jennifer. Maya will let you know when she’s ready. You offer it to her and sooner or later she’ll go for it. Our neighbours’ seven month old let them know when he looked at their food and moved his mouth in a hungry gesture.
    Maybe she wants to feed herself. Put down a plastic sheet on the floor, give her a spoon and away she goes. Not much will go in but she’ll get practise feeding herself.

  • Posted by lisacb on Jun 20, 2007

    Lovely start on the new pattern. Are you doing the scarf or shawl size?

  • Posted by Michelle on Jun 20, 2007

    I’m knitting the shawl as long as I don’t run out of yarn!

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