I am Soccer Mom, Hear Me Roar

Posted on Jun 27, 2007. 7 comments

Or so I thought as I loaded my suspiciously Soccer Momish purchases into the back of my car today. Including two delectable Rotisserie Chickens sent straight from Heaven, some ripe strawberries, and a pair of Lucky jeans for $40. The 1% Spandex in the jeans helps conceal the postpartum flabulousness and my overconsumption of Costco Rotisserie Chickens.
I never thought the day would come when I'd fit right in with the Stroller Brigade. I was a somewhat of a rebel in high school, marching to the beat of my own malcontented drum corp. I knew I'd never be like the other kids because my parents couldn't afford any of the trappings of an upper middle class lifestyle. Hell they couldn't afford the trappings of a lower middle class lifestyle either. So I did my own thing. Which was sometimes good and sometimes bad.
But here I am 13 years later in my G*p jeans, driving a T0y0ta, going to D1sneyl*nd, and dressing my daughter in clothes from the Mall. I'll also concede to dancing poorly in public, singing even worse and clapping feverishly to try and get my kid to enjoy a Kid's Klub event emceed by a Russian Clown.
She'll probably be scarred for life, (Not safe for Clown Haters Link) but there you go. We'll just have to teach Maya to admire nonconformist tendencies in other ways such as listening to the Clash and David Bowie while completing our dastardly suburban tasks.
The Fangirl
As if asking Jewel Staite (Did anyone else notice she's on Stargate Atlantis now?!) to gain weight for her Firefly role, and his most recently directed episode of the Office wasn't enough, I've found another reason to love adore admire Joss Whedon.
The Knitting
I'm nearly finished the front of the Five College Sweater. I lost the pattern about an inch into the back of the sweater, so I've been knitting on a Costco-Chicken-Wing and a prayer ever since. I went to the library today and borrowed Knitting Around the World after a quick perusal. Hopefully the Gansey sidebar discussion will prove to be helpful. If not, there are some traditional sweaters in the book that appeal.


  • Posted by lyssa on Jun 28, 2007

    Dear gods, how I love the costco rotisserie chicken. Now I’m gonna have to go there today.
    If you need Maya to get a dose of alt culture, you can always drop her off at my place for a bit…she would love it, I’m sure.

  • Posted by Sheree on Jun 29, 2007

    I watch SGA and hadn’t realized that she was in it. Must have been the blonde hair that threw me. :)
    Count me in as one of the sad ones that Beckett was killed- he was such a nice, sweet soul. But of course the good guys don’t last long on TV, do they? :)
    And the whole conformity thing? I’m with you on that one- I drive a minivan for gourd’s sake! But at least my minivan has flowers on it and people still stare at me sometimes so I guess it’s all ok.

  • Posted by Michelle on Jun 27, 2007

    I was shocked when Beckett was killed, all the poor man wanted to do was go fishing for gods sake. I’ll miss his lilting Scottish Brogue. I heard that the reason he was killed was to make way for Dr Carter.
    About Jewel-she played a wraith a few seasons ago, her voice was unmistakable to me. I’m glad to see her on the show.
    Do you think Dr Weir is on her way out too?

  • Posted by La on Jun 27, 2007

    Yup, I noticed her. Didn’t recognize her as HER with her blonde hair, but I knew I KNEW her from somewhere.
    Also, Amanda Tapping’s on her way to Atlantis to become the new Commander. So either Wier bites the big one, or they’re bringing that Ass-guard-rigged out ship to Atlantis for safe-keeping, and she’ll be in the drivers seat. Guess we’ll find out in 3 months.
    Guess they needed to clear some budget for those too. I’m still pissed they killed Carson. He was my fave. They need to get rid of Tayla, she’s friggin USELESS!

  • Posted by Kate on Jun 27, 2007

    It happens to the best of us, doesn’t it? Ok, not to me yet but we will be house hunting in the suburbs so my precious doggies will have a yard.

  • Posted by Allison on Jun 27, 2007

    I totally noticed Jewel in the finale. I love that she’s been added to the cast but am so sad they killed off Paul McGillion whom I loved. But I hear he is coming back next year for a few episodes. I head to Comic-Con every year just to get an up close and personal sighting of these guys. You get to see them out of character which can be quite hilarious. Like Chris Judge on the original Stargate is a crack up and has the widest smile I have ever seen!!
    Sadly, I don’t make enough to bid on dinner with Joss but I will keep my eye out for him in San Diego.

  • Posted by Carrie K on Jun 27, 2007

    I would’ve loved having Jewel on SGA if they hadn’t killed off Paul McGillion.
    Ha! Conformity sneaks up on us unaware. Perhaps it’s more of a zeitgeist thing.

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