Five Repeats, Five Ks, and the Fred Mertz Pants

Posted on Jul 04, 2007. 5 comments

This is what five repeats of chart B from the Diamond Fantasy Shawl looks like.
I'm still smitten with the pattern, the yarn and the needles. I'm happy to say we're still in the infatuation stage even with a few missteps here and there. I adore the yarn. The 100% mohair is slippery and has plenty of give. Some non wool yarns have no give which can make it very unpleasant to knit with. This yarn (Kaalund Expressions) is not one of them.
Of course that means it is discontinued.
In other news I've decided to do another 5K. This one is local and I don't expect 65,000 other participants. I'll be jogging and probably walking too since I haven't gone more than a little over a mile at a time. And since I'm sitting here in the confessional, I haven't been jogging since last Friday (when my mp3 speaker batteries ran out. Man I love my stroller. I could make an entire post devoted to my love for it but I'll spare you. You can thank me later). Maybe that will motivate me to get off my couch and go for a jog this morning.
It's a good thing Babies have no shame. The Husband and I have been giggling like fiends every time we put our child in Fred Mertz pants since the day she was born.
I think many babies embody the spirit of dear old Fred. They (the babies, not the parents) don't like to spend money, wear pants hiked up to their wee little armpits, and make funny faces that resemble Fred. Aren't all babies equipped to work in Vaudevillie? Just my little monkey?


  • Posted by La on Jul 05, 2007

    I LOVE the face she’s making, as if to say “You don’t know this, but I’m working up to a good poo. That’ll show you just how much I appreciate and channel Fred Mertz!”

  • Posted by Michelle on Jul 04, 2007

    Dear Maya,
    The Fred Mertz pants will fit perfectly over my incontinence diaper.

  • Posted by Heidi on Jul 05, 2007

    I totally understand your love of the stroller…. I love mine too…. this is going to be what you need when you have another ficklebabe….if you can’t tell…. the hubby picked this one out… it has impressive shocks.

  • Posted by Michelle on Jul 05, 2007

    Oh man I’d love a BOB! We better start saving up now for more kids in a few years ;) edited

  • Posted by Jenn on Jul 04, 2007

    Allow me to translate that expression for you: “You may think you’re cute now, but I will get you. If not through my teenage years, then perhaps when it comes time to put you in a rest home. But rest assured, I will have my revenge.”

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