No Cell Phones in Rome

Posted on Jul 06, 2007. 2 comments

We're traveling to San Pedro (is that a song?) tomorrow to visit with the illustrious La. She'll be doing her Rome thang and we'll be busy checking out the spinning. OH YES THERE WILL BE SPINNERS THERE. I WILL NOT BUY A WHEEL OR ROVING EVEN IF IT'S HISTORICALLY CORRECT. the Old Fort MacArthur Days event and museum. La? What will our knitty call sign be? Shall I hold up two sticks? Bring a megaphone?
I'm really looking forward to it.
Also I hate when I publish before I mean to. So if bloglines updates my site a bunch of times, I'm sorry. But no Friday is complete without a picture of my little screech owl.
She's on the verge of crawling, which coincidentally puts me on the verge. She's growing up too fast!


  • Posted by La on Jul 06, 2007

    We’ll be down at the base of the stairs on the “grassy knoll” I’ll be with the guys in the red mini-skirts. Look for someone with “big hair” a la Atia. That’ll be me. I may or may not be trailing yarn or roving.

  • Posted by Heidi on Jul 07, 2007

    let me just tell you ….. you will want to spin, it is kinda like crack, and more addictive than knitting….

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