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Posted on Jul 07, 2007. 37 comments

It just so happens I have an extra Ravelry invitation burning a hole in my pocket. I'll use a random number generator aka the Husband (who coincidentally also randomly generates hot air, but you didn't hear it from me.) to pick the winner from the comments for this post by Wednesday July 11, 2007.
In honor of my Ravelry Very Lar Contest I'll share with you my Simpsons Avatar (Stolen from Deb who borrowed from AliThinks).
You can make your very own at the Simpson Movie website.
So if you'd like to become a Ravelry Beta tester leave a comment in this post. Bonus points for those who correctly interpret todays post title.
Gratuitous Awing Ahead
Old Fort MacAurther Days was really lovely. I would recommend it for anyone local to Southern California, there's still one day left. Bring your own water and lots of sunscreen.
La is the First Lady of Rome.
I think Maya would like to be her Lady in Waiting, especially if it means she can fondle La's gorgeous earrings.
I didn't learn to spin, but I spotted some loverly shorn sheep (I only contemplated ganking their fleeces for a microsecond or three but they wouldn't fit in my stroller). I figure Wendy might teach me at the next ASK meet-up if I ask very very nicely. Anyone I'm married to will have to know that all Wheel/Roving is free in our economy. There is no charge for these materials. It is the only free hobby in existence.
I have a large Bell in San Pedro to sell you too.


  • Posted by Farrah on Jul 10, 2007

    Oh, how I would love a ravelry invite!
    You are a genius, by the way- this is the most sure fire way to get blog visitors EVER!!!!

  • Posted by knittingkitty on Jul 10, 2007

    Well I missed the title anagram until I looked at the comments but there is no way I’m passing up a chance for a ravelry invite.
    PS I love the monkey socks.

  • Posted by stephanie on Jul 10, 2007

    I would love a ravelry invite! It looks to be really neat. The pattern suggestions! the Yan info. WOW! Did you say “swap feature?” oh my. I could really move along some of my excess stash with that.

  • Posted by Heidi on Jul 10, 2007

    ooh I love me some contests…. I need to have a contest, they are so much fun!!

  • Posted by Michelle on Jul 09, 2007

    You all are so funny! I am currently not accepting bribes.

  • Posted by Maddie on Jul 09, 2007

    Oh my! I would LOVE the Ravelry invite!!! I sure do hope I can be lucky enough to win this one! lol =)

  • Posted by Fluffy Ewe on Jul 10, 2007

    I think the cat is out of the bag re: the post’s title.
    I would lurve a ravelry invite! I currently have my stash/dream projects in an Excel file but its very tedious, and without a pic of the project I’m wanting to eventually knit, it makes browsing the projects a little unfulfilling.

  • Posted by Jai on Jul 09, 2007

    Guess I don’t get bonus points for the title. :(
    But I would still love that Ravelry invite. Would make a cool b-day gift! :) (b-day is on the 12th).

  • Posted by La on Jul 09, 2007

    Have I won yet?
    I’ll bribe you shamelessly with a pair of earrings for Maya…

  • Posted by etcgirl on Jul 08, 2007

    Tres cool avatar. And thanks for askin us to play! Yes, please – all ravelry alla time.

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