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Posted on Jul 11, 2007. 7 comments

"35" is the number that spewed forth from the Husband's Matlab Random Number Generator. The lovely and talented Heidi gets the Ravelry invite. I hope she remembers to make me a friend, but I doubt she'll have much time as she'll be busy soaking up the geek ravelry paradise. Thanks to all who participated!
820.20 is the number of calories I'll burn if I jog every day before my trip to the DC Metro area. Sadly those calories won't cover even one of the meals I'll be having. I miss east coast food. Not that I'd justify mass consumption of steak subs, meatball subs, and as much chinese food as I can cram in my maw, but if I did try I'd start by stating the obvious. In California it's not unusual to have a menu with a minimum of one page devoted to all the salads you can shake a stick at. In DC (in the very same chain restaurant!) there will be one pitiful wilted iceburg salad with underdone tomatoes, drowned in Ranch dressing and croutons, complete with bacon and eggs. Fried chicken too if you're lucky.
Two is the number of finished socks just cast off the needles.
One is the number of checks I threw in the trash this week.
Happy Wednesday!


  • Posted by lella on Aug 15, 2007

    Gosh are those cute or what? We all know the model is a darling. Love this blog of yours to get a baby fix. Well the yarn pix are pretty darn good, too. :o) That old/new Hotel is lookin good.

  • Posted by Carrie Penny on Jul 11, 2007

    So, I saw your comment on Sarah’s blog this morning and I had to come back to you, normally I am an INTP (1% pop) and I got and INTJ… Maybe we just answered for eachother…

  • Posted by Christie on Aug 09, 2007

    She is so cute! Whatta natural model!

  • Posted by Becky in Iowa :O) on Jul 11, 2007

    Hehehe Your model is gorgeous!

  • Posted by Heidi on Jul 11, 2007

    I’m sucked in!!!
    Love it!

  • Posted by Sarah on Jul 11, 2007

    Two things that you have that I want:
    1. Ravelry
    2. An awesome sock model like that

  • Posted by Allison on Jul 11, 2007

    OK. Thigh highs are officially the new “in” thing for the baby set. Adorable.

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