Well Hello Murphy, How the hell are ya?

Posted on Jul 12, 2007. 5 comments

It started when I tried to throw our money in the trash. Next thing you know I'm making passwords so secure it will cost us a tidy sum to break back into our own electronics. And I'm shattering very large bottles of soy sauce merely by opening the Refrigerator door. My coup de grâce transpired when I was knitting gauge swatche(s!!) for Stefanie Japel's Back To School U-Neck Vest (the perfect travel project for my trip home next week). First go round I missed the very precious words "worked in the rnd." I tried again using US 6s with Rowan 4 ply Yorkshire tweed held double, ending up a quarter inch too big. Finally I got out my US 5's for one last go and the swatch was an inexplicable a 1/4 inch too big just like the previous swatch.
How it is possible to knit two identical swatches on different sized needles I do not know.
I can however pinpoint when things started their downhill slide (or cascading failure mode, you pick). I blarmy well substituted carrot and celery sticks for carbs earlier this week. Ridiculous isn't it?
I am trying to make right with the Universe by eating my ever faithful Costco Chicken slathered in Mayo, christened with cheese, and topped off with heirloom tomato on whole wheat bread. (Washed down with Diet C*ke). Just in time to discover a 50% off sale on all items at a yarn shop local to our visit.
Is that a my familiar friend Kismet on the horizon?


  • Posted by Heidi on Jul 14, 2007

    lord have mercy … that sounds wonderful

  • Posted by La on Jul 12, 2007

    ok. which yarn store?
    oh, and I’m available this Saturday for some Firefly at Chez Mishy, if you are!

  • Posted by Linz on Jul 13, 2007

    I’d recommend a cup of tea, but with Murphy hanging around it might not be a good plan…

  • Posted by lyssa on Jul 12, 2007

    I want that book…I should probably buy it soon, or I’ll be staging a secret ninja raid on your house. Hey, it worked with the 5-college sweater pattern!
    That’s what you get for going to 50% off sales without me.

  • Posted by Michelle on Jul 12, 2007

    We can trade the book if you’d like. I’m knitting the only pattern in there that suits me. No night time Ninja raids necessary, we can meet in honest daylight.
    I meant to respond to you about the 5 college yarn. I’m using wendy peter pan DK merino, and it suits the pattern very well. I had to work some stitch magic to get the dimensions I wanted but it’s cool. I have a ball of the amherst and it doesn’t feel all that different from the Wendy. It’s just a tad larger is all.
    I’ll be curious to see the sweater knit as it’s intended (if that’s what you do!)

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