Invasion of the Tomato Snatchers

Posted on Jul 27, 2007. 7 comments

I have an infestation
of wee tomater bandits. I discovered the evidence when I was performing my morning tomato inspection. If anyone could diagnose the problem and or offer up solutions (Insecticidal soap?) I would be forever grateful. The only tomato knowledge my Grandmother passed down refers to burying fish heads for fertilizer. Sadly her methodology still goes untested as I was never one for fish heads.
It appears that my child will no longer pose for monthly stills.
I blame my lateness of the photo on lack of coffee, a whirlwind trip back home, and my forgetful mind. I blame Ms Wiggleworm's state of constant motion on applesauce, rice cereal, and the cessation of another teething cycle.
This is the yarn I'll be using for the Wow! Sock Club month of July. It's been in time out and after a stern talking too (and a bit of frogging) I believe the Trekking XXL sock yarn will make a fab pair of socks for a good old fashioned tomater growing friend of the family.
I know the sockee has tomatoes that grow unimpeded by rodents and other predatory insects. Maybe I should call for an emergency consult.


  • Posted by Heidi on Jul 30, 2007

    have any teeth come through yet? She is SO CUTE!

  • Posted by Michelle on Jul 30, 2007

    She’s currently sporting four fangs and working on some new additions!

  • Posted by monica on Jul 29, 2007

    Charlie is our resident tomato grower and he prescribed the insectiside soap that you mentioned in your post when I showed him the picture of your poor tomatoes.
    Your WOW yarn is very nice. I’m sure it will cooperate now after the talk.

  • Posted by coley on Jul 29, 2007

    I had those too on my tomatoes. They are Horned Tomato Worms and they blend in perfectly with the tomato plant. You should be able to find a spray for them at your local nursery.

  • Posted by Jenn on Jul 28, 2007

    Seeing as how I don’t have kids, I don’t know how useful this advice will be, but what about taping the sign above Maya’s head on the wall and taking her picture while she’s sitting under it?

  • Posted by lorikate on Jul 29, 2007

    I can only assume you have a bad case of the Timus Burtonum bugs that like to eat ’maters in the shape of Jack Skellington from “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” The good news is that October is coming up and if you could rally up the little buggers for Halloween, you could have yourself a nice little spooky display for the trick-or-treaters.

  • Posted by Rainbow on Jul 27, 2007

    I’m happy to see that Christian isn’t the only one that will no longer cooperate for the monthly picture posing. I’ve taken to printing up two signs, let him crumple the first one, then quickly place the second one down and try to snap the pic before he attacks that sign.
    Unfortunately I can’t remember what we used to get rid of the tomato snatchers. I do remember buying bags of ladybugs to get the other insects but the ones eating the tomatoes looked more like little green catterpillars (which I know they weren’t). Good luck!

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