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I did it. I jogged an entire 5K on Saturday.
This was my third 5K, but my first time running the whole thing. I felt like I was going to die afterwards. Embarrassingly I sported the is she sunburnt? or just out of shape? look for a few hours after (thank you Irish heritage). The event was wholly consuming and one of the most difficult things I've had to do in a long time.
Which means I'll be running another 5K in early September.
I'd like to go ahead and thank all the fast walkers who will pass me up during the race in advance. This one fingered salute is for you my friends.
If you squint just so, you'll note the incredible smallness of the Five College Sleeve Cuff in the July 30th entry. I'm not sure why I kept decreasing the sleeve against such overwhelming evidence that it was too small.
I put on my big girl pants and ripped back 10 inches of sleeve. Muttering obscenities through clenched teeth really helped move along the process. If I like the fit I'll finish up the second sleeve, decide on a neckband and call the sweater done. It's been a learning experience to knit a gansey like sweater with out a pattern. I gained a lot of knowledge from having to look at the previous row of knitting to know what to do in the current row. I acknowledge the sweater is not what is considered a "real" gansey, they are usually knit in the round, with underarm gussets, and a tougher yarn. The Wendy Peter Pan DK is not really suited for traditional gansey knitting, but I do adore the stitch definition and the pleasantness of the yarn. It's held up well considering all the ripping and reknitting. My interest in traditional sweaters has been piqued.
Did you know cheapness is a virtue?
I've found myself unable to spend the hefty $80-$100 for a true and proper blocking board. I made a blocking board from a giant piece of cardboard, a glue gun, and generously sized black garbage bags, used the guest bed for blocking fodder, and finally found a $12 solution for all my blocking needs at Costco. (Resident Kitten-Savior and World Traveling Lyssa will be glad to know I passed up cookies and chicken during my blocking board shopping expedition).
The blocks fit together like squishy 2 foot sized puzzle pieces. I'm not sure if the texturized pieces will affect my knits in any way, and I sure hope the automotive smell wears off, but for $12 who can complain?


  • Posted by Lori on Aug 01, 2007

    Did you receive your Sockapalooza socks yet? Please let me know. I sent them priority mail, so they should be there by now. Thanks.

  • Posted by Elinor on Aug 06, 2007

    I’m just now catching up on Bloglines – congrats on the 5K! That’s such an accomplishment! I love your idea for a blocking board too. I wonder if that would make a good play mat too? I’ve been looking for one of those rubber play mats for our top floor room…

  • Posted by Michelle on Aug 01, 2007

    I’d love a kitten, but my asthma sure wouldn’t!

  • Posted by stephanie on Aug 01, 2007

    Pick up a “sureblock” kit from Golden Hands. Some JoAnn stores carry them, but at the time I found them online, I think it was cheaper.

  • Posted by Allison on Aug 01, 2007

    Congratulations!! I have never done a 5K. I dislike running and lack the willpower to make myself do it. Translated. I am out of shape and it hurts. Kudos to you and signing up for another!
    And I salute another red-facer. When I do excercise strenuously, I look like I am going to have a hard attack. I swear sometimes I turn purple. I like to say that my skin is allergic heat since I can get the same look after a hot shower.

  • Posted by lyssa on Aug 01, 2007

    My face turns really red too. It’s just genetic. At least when I’m at the gym I can feel confidant that people aren’t looking at me…they are looking at Crazy Singing Lady (who spontaneously bursts into song about every 5 minutes).
    Kittens: Still cute.

  • Posted by La on Aug 01, 2007

    You need one of Lyssa’s kittens. I vote for Grace!
    yes, I know I’m evil

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