Black is the New Black

Posted on Aug 13, 2007. 3 comments

All the most fashionable buildings are shrouding themselves in black dontcha know.
I had heard that the historic Villa Riviera in downtown Long Beach was going to be remodeled, but the pure scale of the project wowed me. So much so I had to take a few moments to snap some pictures.
The Husband and I have agreed it would be muy cool to be the project engineer for this remodel.
Summer tomatoes are food of the Gods
These cherry tomatoes (which have since mysteriously disappeared) satisfied my propensity for eating astonishing amounts of freshly grown tomatoes. I think it's an endearing idiosyncrasy, particularly if you have an abundance of tomatoes to give away.
Knitting Doh
Taking 30 seconds to make a stitch count could save you hours of ripping and re-knitting. I did half of the required increases for the front darts, which I didn't discover until it was time for the front neck shaping. I'd probably be finished by now if I'd taken a moment to make sure I had the correct number of stitches.
I'd like to review the Lantern Moon needles I bought to replace my broken Denise needles when I was on vacation. I bought the Lantern Moon's because they were the only suitable needles for sale in the yarn shop (there were bryspun circs, but I have a long and varied history of breaking those at the join). I had been hesitant to try the Lantern Moon brand in the past due to the expense and because they are wooden. I really didn't want to like them for the above reasons. But they work very well with the scratchy tweed for this project, although the yarn does hang on the join. That's a fairly typical problem which I've experienced with just about every needle except Addi Turbos. So in summary if you've got the extra money to spend, and you like knitting with wooden needles, these needles will suit you well with the right project.


  • Posted by Carrie K on Aug 13, 2007

    I love those Lantern Moon needles.
    I think your sweater just tricked you. They’re hateful like that. It’s really gorgeous though!
    Yum, tomatos. Ours are being recalcitrant. It can’t be the gardeners.
    Wow, that’s a massive renovation.

  • Posted by lyssa on Aug 13, 2007

    The building looks like a Christo project. It’s cool.
    I love a good homegrown tomato. This weekend I had a blt that had the most pathetic, nearly white tomato on it. I just about cried. Someday I will have some dirt again, and an honest tomato.

  • Posted by Christie on Aug 13, 2007

    My friend always said that building was haunted. I wonder if the ghosts will stick around for the remodel.
    Love the color of the sweater…and as much as I hate counting stitches, sometimes it’s a necessary evil! GRRR!!

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