Waiting is the hardest part

Posted on Aug 20, 2007. 8 comments

Thank you for thinking of me and my family. I appreciate each and every comment, good thought, prayer, and email sent our way. I've got more news on my Father's condition. Unfortunately he is not a candidate for Bypass surgery because of the damage his heart has sustained over the years. The Doctors are only able to offer palliative measures. So we wait. The word wait can't convey the dread, fear, powerlessness and sadness I feel, but I'm not certain any word could capture it fully. My Dad wouldn't want me to be deluged by my own indulgent self pity so I'm doing my best to continue with life.
I'm trying to distract myself by going out and about. On Thursday I took Maya to Mission San Juan Capistrano. It's one of my favorite places to visit in Orange County, and I try to go at least once annually. I'll be posting more photographs of my visit soon, but here is one of the best photos of the batch.
It was hot as hell when we visited at 2pm, but we were surrounded on all sides by scores of Monarch Butterflies flittering about. I also spotted at least a pair of hummingbirds. It ethereal and strangely comforting. The Mission is set up so that the outer corridors whip the wind up and down, giving a respite from the oppressive heat.
I've also trying to distract myself with my knitting. I've finished the U Neck Sweater from Stefanie Japel's Fitted Knits, nearly finished the Five College Sweater, cast on Lake of the Woods by Ilga Leja, swatched another Elizabeth Zimmermann project, and gathered yarn for some charming Estonian Puppets.
Back to the matter at hand.
Pattern U Neck Sweater from Fitted Knits
Needles 1 broken pair of US5 Denise Needles, 1 pair of circular Lantern Moon Wooden Needles, US 5.
Yarn Rowan 4-Ply Yorkshire Tweed, held double.
Total Yardage Just under 600 yards. The tweed yarn has a whole range of colors running throughout. It's a lovely quality in a finished product. The yarn is not soft on the hand but knits up in such a pretty way the roughness is worth the effort.
Notes I added 2 inches of length to the Sweater. Make sure to consult the Errata when knitting this pattern.


  • Posted by La on Aug 21, 2007

    wow, that turned out lovely! I LOVE the color and the depth of the yarn you used!

  • Posted by lisacb on Aug 21, 2007

    I really like the u-neck, I’m definatley adding this to my queue again!

  • Posted by Janelle on Aug 21, 2007

    Sorry to hear about your dad. Waiting is so hard.
    Your tweed U-neck is great! It fits you wonderfully.

  • Posted by stephanie on Aug 21, 2007

    oh my! I’m sorry your dad’s not well. I’m sure he’ll be fine but the waiting for the doc to tell you that truly is the hardest part. Hugs.

  • Posted by anmiryam on Aug 21, 2007

    Hi Michelle, I just saw your post about your Dad and I hope that the news gets better soon. Take care it sounds like your approaching this as best you can.
    The U-neck looks great on you.

  • Posted by Kate on Aug 20, 2007

    Thinking of you…
    And telling you that the u-neck rocks! Adorable!

  • Posted by monica on Aug 20, 2007

    Even though I gave you a hug on Saturday I’m sending you more hugs. Your U-neck looks great, btw.

  • Posted by Claudia on Aug 20, 2007

    Ahh, knitting as a distraction technique – I have not a clue what I did before I started knitting (yes, I do – smoked, drank and ate!) Thinking of you and yours at this difficult time.

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