Be still my heart

Posted on Aug 23, 2007. 12 comments

She stands.
It won't be long now until she's cruising, and from there walking.
I've finally finished the Five College Sweater. After giving it some thought I've realized I've been affiliated with five colleges over the years.
Junior College
West Virginia University*
Summer Opportunity at UCSD
Summer Opportunity at UCI
Cal State University Long Beach
The previous dog and pony show (hopefully) served as a distraction from my craptacular finishing techniques. I'll redo the sleeves 15 pounds from now when the sweater fits. My perception of what I thought would fit me when I cast the sweater on at 8 months pregnant is worlds away from my actual size 8 months post pregnancy.
If you've missed my legion of posts on the matter I lost the pattern for the Five College sweater in the early days of Maya's life. It was lost, tucked away in some baby literature of some sort or another, never to be seen again. I decided to finish the sweater without the pattern. I'm damn proud of the results and it's given me renewed confidence in my abilities. The experience has also spurred my interest in other traditional sweaters. Expect more traditional knits in the coming months.
I've still got many more San Juan Mission photographs I'd like to share.
*In the interest of brevity I'll keep it short today by saying today I feel like the back end of that horse, but not because I partied too much as an undergrad.


  • Posted by Carrie K on Aug 24, 2007

    Oh no! She’s growing up so fast!
    That sweater looks fabulous! You finished it without a pattern????

  • Posted by Annie on Aug 30, 2007

    She’s adorable! I can’t believe you finished that sucker without a pattern!! You ROCK.

  • Posted by Jenn on Aug 23, 2007

    So it won’t be long before Maya’s knitting too, right? :-)

  • Posted by Lori on Aug 23, 2007

    So Maya is looking like a pro at the standing thing! Is that the Mona Lisa Smile? It sure looks like it!

  • Posted by Christie on Aug 23, 2007

    Such a cutie pie!

  • Posted by La on Aug 23, 2007

    OMG that’s awesome! I can’t wait to see her chase after Trixie the next time you’re all over.

  • Posted by monica on Aug 23, 2007

    Adorable pic of Maya!! Great job on the sweater too!

  • Posted by Michelle on Aug 23, 2007

    For the frat parties and beer bongs of course!

  • Posted by Stephanie on Aug 23, 2007

    Man, does she ever stop getting cuter?? Maya is just one of the adorablest babies in blogland (yes, adorablest is a word; I majored in English, I know).

  • Posted by Joelle on Aug 23, 2007

    After walking comes the, grab the yarn attached to mommies knitting and run. LOL Love the sweater by the way.

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