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Little Miss Maya spent some time in the swing at the Park recently. It was her first time since we retired the Aquarium Swing (May it Rest in Peace, I know we did when it was around). She didn't seem that impressed.
Fickle baby has started cruising the furniture as well, which has caused us to start the baby proofing process. It's about as fun as a trip to the dentist.
We survived the Husband's first overnight business trip. The first 24 hours were so easy and smooth, but by about 3pm the next day I was totally zonked. Coincidentally Maya tried tofu for the first time while Daddy was gone. He'll be happy to know she gagged like I was forcing liver flavored spinach wrapped brussel sprouts down her throat.
Fortunately not all first foods are bad.
Although I don't expect to share these first tomatoes with anyone unless there is momentous yarn bribery involved.


  • Posted by Annie on Sep 07, 2007

    Lmao@ the liver flavor spinach wrapped brussel sprouts! I have to agree with Christie, I might prefer them to tofu… it’s a texture thing!

  • Posted by Roberta on Sep 05, 2007

    maybe you should try feeding her the liver flavored spinach wrapped brussel sprouts, sounds better than tofu :)
    those tomaters look mighty tasty …

  • Posted by Carrie K on Sep 05, 2007

    Actually they both sound pretty good to me. The only vegetables I loathe are beets & lima beans.
    Hmm. What kind of momentous yarn bribery? Because all six of our tomato plants pretty much died on the vine this year.

  • Posted by Christie on Sep 05, 2007

    If it’s any consolation, that’s how I feel when I eat tofu sometimes.

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