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Posted on Sep 17, 2007. 3 comments

One of the many problems with having my laptop choose it's own auto self destruct sequence is the loss of programs. Somewhere, somehow my gnu photo software is still on my hard drive, but is not accessible by me or any other mere human lifeform. So there's that. And I lost all my bookmarked links (like the one to post to the blog). And I'm temporarily without wireless which means internets during the fickle baby's fickle nap time. My whole blogging experience has been fuxored (A big hearty thanks to you, Schmill Schmates). At any moment I could overcome one or two of these obstacles but probably not all of them. In other words there will be no photos of knitting. But (with a little divine intervention) there may be photos of the Lobster Festival in San Pedro from this weekend.
I don't personally like crustaceans.
But wearing them is fine.
La has no labster related compunction.
Even if she says otherwise.
The coolest thing about the festival were the ships. And I do mean SHIP sized ships.
The ship above is called the "Yang Ming" which translates into "Cheap crap sold at Whal-Marts."
And there was a fire boat to cool down all the liberal antiWhalmart hippies.
Thank goodness for Firemen.
With that I bid you a tendrily filled adieu.
I hope we meet again on the internets real soon.


  • Posted by lyssa on Sep 19, 2007

    Nice cleavage!

  • Posted by Annie on Sep 22, 2007

    LMAO! The lobstah hat rocks. Love the last photo, too. So funny, and the fucking Wahl Mart boat…. Mwahahaha!

  • Posted by Christie on Sep 17, 2007

    How fun! Oh, the Pedro. I did a play in the Pedro. Yeah, that was fun.

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