Oh I'm never gonna blog again, guilty blogs have got no rhythm

Posted on Sep 20, 2007. 7 comments

Rather, I won't be blogging regularly if it means I stub my pinkie toe in the most curseworddropping worthy way I did this morning while taking photos for today's entry. Perhaps I ought to consider some steel toed felted slippers. That would be so punk rock. For the curious, quoting WHAM! lyrics falls under the Punk Rock purvue as does knitted puppets for babies. God save the Queen.
Pattern Carol H. Rhoades' Estonian Hand Puppets (See errata here)
Yarn Knit Picks Palette
Needles 29" US1 Addi Circs
Notes The pattern lets you pick and choose the options you'd like to use, body motif, arm and neck motif, color, etc. Holding one color in each hand took some getting used to before my gauge was even. There are some supremely loose floats on the sides of the puppet, but I figure time and plenty of washings will help neaten up my knitting. The trickiest part was keeping the correct tension using the magic loop method. In all, the project was perfect for beginning colorwork on small needles.
I seem to have caught the Castonitis that's making its rounds about bloglandia.
I've started Maya's Halloween costume, little baby devil pants (based on the adorable pattern found at Bella knitting, I'm sure Measure won't mind).
I added a picot border hem and altered the icord tie. I'd like to knit a matching hat but I imagine Maya will wear it for about a microsecond.
The Sweater.
I'm knitting the sweater EZ cut a pocket into in her Knitting Workshop DVDs. If I'm feeling particularly adventurous I may cut a pocket too. The garter stitch on 10.5 US Denise Needles is mindnumbingly boring but the finished product will be worth it (if I've chosen the sizing well).
I've ended my sock knitting hiatus.
I love the feel of Regia 4 color sock yarn. Yeah it's mass produced, but so what?


  • Posted by Jennifer on Sep 25, 2007

    I am so impressed. I’ve knit 2 inches of a baby sweater in 2mo. If I can’t knit whilst gestating, when am I going to find time to knit afterwards???

  • Posted by Linda on Sep 21, 2007

    Okay, I know it’s mean, but….thanks for the Paragraph 1 laugh.
    And I love the puppet.

  • Posted by Annie on Sep 22, 2007

    I love the puppet! Those devil pants are going to be so cute on Maya!

  • Posted by Roberta on Sep 20, 2007

    the little lam is cheering you on as you knit. Go Devil Pants!!!
    And there ain’t nothing wrong with mass producing yarn with pretty colors :)

  • Posted by Lori on Sep 20, 2007

    So if I have it right, you are working on four things at once? Whoa… Oh knitter of fickleness, once again you amaze me. I am still working on the blankie, yeah the “knit one row, repeat” pattern is just killing me. I LOOOOOOVE the sheepie. You say it is good for a beginner, uh?
    Maya will look totally cute in devil pants! Ya gonna add a forked-tail?

  • Posted by Jenn on Sep 20, 2007

    I am thinking the devil pants will go nicely with the lobster hat at some point…
    Be on the lookout for a package I mailed earlier this week. I am the WORST friend in the world, but I finally finished AND framed Miss Maya’s baby gift. Seeing as how she is approaching her 1 year, I figured it was best to get moving along on it.

  • Posted by Sarah on Sep 20, 2007

    I love the devil pants idea! If you cut the pocket on the garter stitch let me know how it comes out, I am thinking of doing that to another Tomten I am knitting.

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