Instant Karma

Posted on Oct 02, 2007. 10 comments

I thought I was being cute by poking fun at the bizarre google searches that mysteriously ended up at my blog. All I did was tempt fate. I know this because I developed a swollen, puffy eyelid for which I HAD TO GOOGLE to see if I was dying of a rare eyelid parasitic disease. And I also have a largish zit on my nose. That will learn me. No more fun poking at weirdo google searchers again. Also I have given up the Diet Coke. Today is day 2 without Diet Coke, but I am heading over to Costco later. In honor of Diet Coke I have written a little haiku.
Diet Coke silver
can. Cool refreshing soda
not for me to drink.
I have continued to knit despite it's addictive traits.
I hope to have my favorite model wear the little baby (devil) pants for a photo shoot this week.
I'm hoping I have enough good karma so the pants will fit.
I also made a hem for my Nordic EPS sweater.
I like it. But I'm stuck on how I want to proceed next, so the sweater is marinating. The Husband pointed to the sweater as I was taking the picture this morning and said "Look Baby Girl, Mama made a skirt." Karma 3, Fickleknittress 0.
And then I chucked karma out the window and cast on for some Kaffe Fassett Socks. The end.


  • Posted by La on Oct 02, 2007

    OMG those devil pants are WAAAY cute! Is that a little pocket I see?

  • Posted by Roberta on Oct 02, 2007

    I love those devil pants. I can’t wait to see them on. hurry up, while karma is looking away, hehe.
    those socks remind me of noro colors, and i love me some noro colors.

  • Posted by Heidi (Idaho) on Oct 06, 2007

    those longies are going to be so wonderfully warm!

  • Posted by Lori on Oct 02, 2007

    The tail! You did a tail! Maya is gonna look so cute in them!
    The Kaffe Fasset yarn is beautiful!

  • Posted by lyssa on Oct 02, 2007

    Be prepared for the worst headache you have ever had…it got me on day three of diet-coke-less-ness.
    I’ve slid back into drinking it some, but not nearly as much as I used to…I decided that since I now know I can quit anytime, it is ok to drink. That’s what I tell myself, anyway.

  • Posted by Andria on Oct 02, 2007

    It was easier for me to quit smoking than to quit drinking Diet Coke (I still don’t smoke, have stopped/started DC about a kajillion times[back on, btw]). It’s delicious, carbonated, chemical-y crack in a can. Good luck with that, sister.

  • Posted by monica on Oct 02, 2007

    So did you get any fun blogs when you googled?
    I love the baby pants!! Maya’s going to look so cute in it!

  • Posted by Michelle on Oct 02, 2007

    I’m using the new Regia Kaffe Fasset yarn, it’s the fire colorway. I’m really enjoying knitting with it so far. It may also be addictive.

  • Posted by Restless Knitter on Oct 02, 2007

    Those pants are so cute. What yarn are you using for the socks?

  • Posted by marri on Oct 02, 2007

    those socks will bring back the good karma. what is that yarn? it’s beautiful!
    (long time reader, first time commentor.)

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