Can I?

Posted on Oct 31, 2007. 3 comments

Mom Can I go Trick or Treating?
What do you mean by "No??!"
I hope Little Miss Fickle will be consoled with the Nordic Steeked Sweater I am creating for her from scratch.
It made great airplane knitting, and I plan on writing up the pattern as my first official design. I was in a little over my head with three colors per row and more than five stitches between color changes, but I managed.
Through a series of strange events I am now working on my first two needle socks.
I asked for one pair of wooden 24" sock knitting knit picks needles, and one metal pair for my birthday, and I ended up with two pair of wooden 24" circs. Turns out 24" is a bit short for my magic loop technique so I improvised. I love the points and the lightness of the needles, and I'll be adding more to my collection (including 29" metal circs for magic loop).
Stay tuned for Halloween pictures of my little Debil Child.


  • Posted by Jenn on Oct 31, 2007

    My goodness, I love those big blue eyes of hers!

  • Posted by Carrie K on Oct 31, 2007

    No? How can you deny her? Poor little debil child.
    And I bet that darling Nordic sweater is not going to do the trick.

  • Posted by La on Oct 31, 2007

    Ooooh! If you just so happen to be out and about my direction with said debil child tonight, wanna stop on over? It could/will involve chocolate and maybe some Chai, but it will definitely involve squee-age

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