Screw Croup

Posted on Nov 19, 2007. 5 comments

Maya is sick for the third time since she's been born. We're certain it's Croup since she has the barking cough. It's been a rough few days, but I'm still thankful. She's been perfectly healthy for the past 11 months.
She's getting sick only now because she is got one purpose: to put her mouth on every surface possible. If I had a Way Back Machine I'd go smack myself for ever saying that sickness is a great way to help strengthen a child's Immune System. Feels awfully different when it's your kid. I'm thinking I should swear off platitudes in general. Anyone with me?
I'm feeling sentimental with Thanksgiving this Thursday, and thankful despite all the bad that's happened the past year. It might have to do with my latest favorite Peet's Blend "Panama Esmeralda" (I have no affiliation, just what I'd like to think is good taste in coffee). The blend is what's left after Panama's crop was decimated by disease. Not only did a few trees survive the catastrophe, but their flavor is all the more sweet. So true in life isn't it? I'm trying to grasp beauty where I can, since it's so fleeting.
I still have plenty of the regular cynical old me left though, enough to be thoroughly amused that my favorite radio station has Crispin Glover subbing for David Lynch as Weatherman. I can't help imagine the brainstorming session for that, "Who is weirder than David Lynch?" It's the little things that keep me laughing.
I've finally finished some knitting. I've cast on with this yarn no less than three times (I'd tie in the Peet's Coffee beauty here but that'd be too much schmaltz even for me).
I opted for a gray toe since these are Man Socks, and I wasn't certain I'd have enough yarn to complete them. It would seem that Trekking yarn puts up decent sized skeins and I probably would have had enough yarn. But I like the toe. I used wooden Knitpicks needles, the first time I've varied from my addi magic loop method since I started knitting socks in 2004. I find using two circulars a little fiddly, but they do eliminate the seam line I'd always get using magic loop. I'd like to try the same needles in metal, and I'm willing to switch over to the two needle method despite my initial reluctance to try the technique. I'm glad this old dog learns new tricks, even if motivated by a mistake.


  • Posted by Carrie K on Nov 21, 2007

    Get better quick, Maya!
    I’m with Lori. It’s those menacing Disney characters that got her.
    Panama Esmerelda, eh? I’ll have to pick up some (while getting my Egg Nog Latte).

  • Posted by anmiryam on Nov 19, 2007

    Hope Maya feels better soon. I know how frustrating the first few years can be with the little illnesses that boost their immune system and yours. This too shall pass.
    Nice sock.

  • Posted by Lori on Nov 19, 2007

    Peets will make even a super bad day a bit better. Well, sometimes it takes two cups.
    The sockie is beautiful, or uh, Handsome. And nothing says manly like a grey toe.
    It was the over aggressive Disney characters that did Maya in. Any woodland creatures that are that tame around humans must have a cold.

  • Posted by Becky in Iowa :O) on Nov 19, 2007

    Sorry the lil one isn’t feeling well. It is best that she get some immunities built up now. My son was fairly healthy when he was a baby and then boom. He started school and he and I have never been sicker. yick
    And I agree that Crispin Glover is freakin nuts.

  • Posted by marri on Nov 19, 2007

    hope maya feels better quickly!

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