A leaf on the Wind

Posted on Nov 28, 2007. 5 comments

Ok I feel more like an anvil on the wind. No matter. My Mother in Law had her breast cancer removal surgery on Tuesday. The husband and I watched our adorable nephew for a few hours and every thing was fine. In no small part due to my contribution:
I purchased a matching shirt for my Mother in Law which she wore to the hospital, hoping the medical staff (and particularly her surgeon) would get the joke. The shirt was such a big hit it was paraded around triumphantly to show the staff. I've also informed my Mother in Law I'll be knitting her a replacement boobie since approximately a fists worth of tissue was removed during her surgery. I don't expect she'll ever wear it but it's worth the laugh. She's quite the Comedienne herself, relating how she has a baby (my nephew, Janet's son) EVEN THOUGH she had her tubes tied. She also refers to her post op pain medication as 'dope.' When all else fails, laugh. I think it's a great policy.
Yesterday I met with Beebo & Co at the Happiest Place on Earth. We had a ridiculously good time (although I said "That's Awesome" about a thousand too many times, and then I felt embarrassed that I said it so much I countered by saying it even more times. That's so 1978).
The Babies didn't poke each others eyes out, the wind blew us all down, there were chocolate covered marshmallows on a stick, sugar cookies, coffee, knitting talk, and carousel rides. That's about as much fun as you can have when there's no actual yarn purchasing involved. I'm going to start turning the thumb screws on the Husband for a Vegas visit ASAP.
The Knitting
Here's some knitting talk lest ye that visit for The Knitting be bored. I finished these sickeningly sweet booties from 50 Baby Booties to Knit. I used a smattering of sock and knit picks yarn. The only alteration I made was to knit 17 cuff rows instead of 27 due to a feared yarn shortage.
I'll be sending these off to an already born baby as soon as I give them a good wash and soak in Euclan.
I've submitted my first pattern for publishing, it's a hat pattern. I'm not really holding out hope it will be published but it was a good experience. I'll publish the hat on the website as soon as I hear back.
I've started designing my first shawl, the motif is my interpretation of the old Nordic sun/spinning wheel symbol.
The yarn is from eatsleepknit's black friday sale, Handpainted Schaefer Anne. I am deeply moved by this yarn. And impressed by the speedy shipping from Eat Sleep Knit. I'll be shopping there next time I have another code orange yarn emergency.
Finally, I've jumped another bandwagon the Knitting from the Top by Barbara Walker (yes, that Barbara Walker). Don't be fooled by the dated cover on the book, this is some clever pattern instruction.
It even incorporates short rows at the neck! I can't wait to see where this pattern takes me.


  • Posted by Samantha on Dec 05, 2007

    Oh Mishi…I scrolled down and wondered why in the hell you were knitting undies. I should read before I look at pretty pics :-P

  • Posted by Lori on Nov 30, 2007

    You are my hero.
    I had an awesome time hanging out at MickeyLand with you and Maya! Yes, yarny fluff would have been the icing on the cake, but at least we ate some marshmallows!

  • Posted by desiknitter on Dec 02, 2007

    What a lovely orange!
    I hope your MIL is doing well after her surgery.

  • Posted by Carrie K on Nov 29, 2007

    Short rowed knit on sleeves too. Faboo book.
    Ooh, pretty booties! And shawl. I can even see the pattern.
    That’s a GREAT shirt! Your mil sounds pretty great too. Glad to hear the surgery went as well as was expected.

  • Posted by ashley on Nov 30, 2007

    When do you find time? I love your MIL’s outlook, she sounds like a wonderful woman.

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