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It started out so promising
Beautiful skies, craftily avoiding bad traffic.
Babies tiring themselves out from walking. And walking. And more walking.
Then we were in a holding pattern. And sent to another airport, where we waited for two and a half hours for a bus that wasn't coming.
And then "it" happened.
Egads I hope tomorrow is a better day.


  • Posted by Lori on Dec 07, 2007

    Uh yeah, the first thing I saw were her eyes and I was like… what is it a picture of?… then… my, oh, my, oh Maya…. that looks painful.
    Maybe she was trying to meet more Disney characters.

  • Posted by Jenn on Dec 07, 2007

    Poor Miss Maya! Poor Mommy and Daddy too!!! It probably hurt you guys more than it did her.

  • Posted by Wendy on Dec 07, 2007

    ¡Ai, pobrecita! Did she run headlong into something or do a header? Hey, at least those two pupils in those beautiful eyes are of equal size. I love the prancing in pink pjs pic. :)

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