The Storm's Acoming

Posted on Dec 08, 2007. 4 comments

Here's a real time picture outside our hotel room window.
I've changed my mind about our destination despite Maya smashing her face on the corner of a wall (and me losing minutes off my life as a consequence) and all the in flight hold patterns and fearing for my life while driving. Don't Coloradans believe in snow plows and road salt?? You know why? Because last time I was outside today I was wearing hand knit socks, charlotte's web as a scarf, an alpaca hat I made, and a sweater/shrug all underneath a big, poofy, down jacket. At last I can wear more hand knits at one time than you can shake a stick at.
Here's a real time photo of my little snow bunny after our trek outside.
snow_wiggles 004.JPG
She seems happy too.


  • Posted by Carrie K on Dec 08, 2007

    She does seem pretty happy. Snow! Wow.

  • Posted by Joelle on Dec 09, 2007

    Nothing says toddler like a bruised forhead. And nothing says mom to a toddler than having to get the “what did you do to your kid” stares. :)

  • Posted by monica on Dec 09, 2007

    Oooh pretty snow. I love Maya’s boots. So cute!

  • Posted by Lori on Dec 08, 2007

    Oh, I am soooo wanting to be there. Go make some snow angels in that parking lot!

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