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3:15 While browsing Ravelry during lunch break have the startling revelation that two pies must be made, and have started neither Smallish Knit Christmas gifts nor smallish sewing project.
3:16 Sip Diet Coke (I know) nervously.
3:17 Go out to family room and announce to Husband my knitting transgression.
3:18 Wait for Husbandly reaction that ain't coming.
3:19 Go stash diving.
3:30 Cast on for first of twenty-eight (I KNOW) mitered squares, realize size 2 needles are just too damn big.
3:30.5 Mutter obscenities that are no longer in vocabulary because would prefer child not shout FUCK as first word. Chastise self for using such strong (and disallowed) language. Chastise self again for using disallowed language to chastise self the first time.
3:33 Grab sock project out of diaper bag to steal size 1 needles.
3:34 Open second can of Diet Coke.
3:34.5 Glug glug glug.
3:35 Stall first row of first mitered square (of TWENTY EIGHT) by posting to blog, hoping for sympathy instead of schadenfreude.


  • Posted by Lori on Dec 23, 2007

    You need some cookies.
    Size two is too big? Whoa. What ever it is that you are knitting… is gonna kick tushy.

  • Posted by Wendy on Dec 23, 2007

    Hahahaha! I revel in your pain! Oh wait, that WASN’T the response you wanted…um…why two pies?

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