Orange County Part Duh

Posted on Jan 13, 2008. 3 comments

You know you're in Orange County, California when...
Even the grass has implants
The Happiest Place on Earth* is a short 10 minute drive away....The Long Beach Convention Center, home to the TNNA Trade Show. (And Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles where I hope to see Snoop Dogg one day).
Your child masters yoga just moments out of the womb.
The temperature is 70* F all year round and yet you feel compelled to knit baby socks anyway (Pattern coming soon!).
*The Saddest Place on Earth if you've no credentials to get in and roll in the pretty, pretty yarn. No socks were harmed during the taking of this photograph, although they were annoyingly enthusiastic about being in the same city block as the Knitting Elite.


  • Posted by La on Jan 13, 2008

    Next year, I swear. Next year I’ll get in if it’s the last thing I do, and I’ll take you with me!

  • Posted by Miriam on Jan 14, 2008

    Next year if I get to the show in So. Cal, maybe I’ll have to “hire” you for the day as my assistant :)

  • Posted by christie on Jan 14, 2008

    I was excited to go, until I read somewhere it was tradeshow and regular folks couldn’t get in. :\
    I guess I could have talked to the box office peeps [I used to work there] and seen if they could get my in. Oh well…

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