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I'm finally reconnecting to the grid after being sick since last Tuesday. I had a run in with Chili from a fast food restaurant whose mascot is an innocent looking redheaded girl with freckles and blue eyes. I had an unholy affection for that Chili but I can't imagine eating it ever again.
Fickle Venn Diagram of Chili-Borne Illness (Patent Pending)
Also? I am so tired of knitting the last sleeve on the Nordic EPS sweater. I have five days until we leave for the fiber Westival and I've been deluding myself that I'll knit 15 inches of sleeve, possibly convert it into a cardigan, wash the thing and dry it in time for a hubris filled debut at the Stitches Marketplace.
The irony is I'd have probably finished it if I were able to do anything other than whimper and gnash my teeth last week. The only thing I accomplished was discovering that Brian Austin Green is on my favorite New-to-TV show "The Sarah Connor Chronicles." At first I was fooled by his bad-assedness, but there was a lingering doubt in my mind. Where had I seen that actor before? A little IMDB search returned the results I was looking for: John Connor's uncle is a 9021 "Oh Why Did I Watch That Show" weenie.
My final gripe for the day is it's all La's fault. I've put that very phrase in so many posts I'm considering trademarking it (That's Hot, It's La's Fault (TM)). Thanks to her forcing me (at needlepoint) to watch the pilot of Heroes, we're an All Heroes All the Time Family now. We're Netflix Hounds waiting on our next Heroes fix, stalking our Postal Carrier daily. Watching four episodes back to back is so intense I had bad dreams about Sylar all last night. And I thought foodborne illness nightmares were bad.


  • Posted by stephanie on Feb 24, 2008

    I hope you’re feeling better by now.

  • Posted by La on Feb 18, 2008

    mwahahahaha! Welcome new Heroes junkie! Feel lucky I didn’t drag you into my B-5 knittiverse, as I did Carolyn.
    Which reminds me…can I get the email addy for the fresh organic produce delivery fairies?
    Hope you’re feeling better from all the poison! We need to get together again soon!

  • Posted by La on Feb 18, 2008

    and by email addy, I mean WEB addy. La is a dumbass

  • Posted by Carrie K on Feb 21, 2008

    Oh no, food poisoning! From chili! Chili is right next to peanut butter as the Staff of Life.
    The Westival is going on right now, isn’t it? I totally spaced it. And it came right in time for the rainy weekend!
    It took me a few to place BAG – oh, that’s the initials I want my kid to have, but not nearly as long as the Bionic Woman in Mansfield Park.

  • Posted by mehitabel on Feb 17, 2008

    Ugh, food poisoning—I got that when I was back east, probably from the ice at a restaurant. I was going to blame the Chinese takeout I had on Saturday but then my cousin came down with it, and we’d had lunch together on Friday. Ice was the only thing we both had—but I’ve heard of food poisoning from “bad” ice before. Nasty stuff. Hope you are feeling much better!!

  • Posted by Lynne on Feb 17, 2008

    Oh dear, food poisoning and chili no less, you poor thing. I hope you are feeling better soon. There is nothing worse.
    We are addicted to Heroes too :) Peter is just too cute.

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