Happy Earth Day to YOU too

Posted on Apr 24, 2008. 4 comments

I had typical Mom errands to run on Earth Day so I decided to bring the camera along to take snide photos of NO CASH Hummers parking like chowderheads. I thought that would be ironic and really clever of me, and maybe I could even do a series of photographs like a real artiste. But irony being the true force of nature it is compelled all the Hummer owners in Orange County to leave their gas guzzling tanks at home and drive their Priuses instead. I even had photo captions all worked out like "Runs over little old Ladies in parking lots" and "I drive my Hummer because you never know when a violent Southern California Sunshine Storm will break out." (Author's Note: See "Unnecessary" Quotation Marks Blog)
In my desperation for material I used my child to snap a photo of a man strapping 25 pounds (?!) of carrots to his bike.
He had &*%$ing resusable grocery bags too.
Having been suitably reprimanded by fate I decided to stay at home the rest of the week by the pool, where no Hummers (or Priuses) crossed my path.
Exceptionally cute babies who love silly froggy pools helped wipe the recent artistic failure from my mind.
Tune in next week for the adventures of Fickle "We're getting 1,400 square feet of new flooring installed and I haven't packed a thing" Knitter.


  • Posted by Heidi on Apr 30, 2008

    wow I wish it were warm enough to swim here…. a few more weeks I hope…

  • Posted by La on Apr 25, 2008

    With work being close to Palos Verdes, I see hummers all day long. I’ll snap you a few, mkay?
    Cute water baby! Can’t wait to see her again

  • Posted by Roberta on Apr 25, 2008

    Oooo, new floors!! what are you getting.
    For earth day, I decided to pack up my stuff in recycled cardboard boxes. (recycled from my previous move, but also from recycled material)
    I would give myself more props if I had actually packed something. Ophie is so lazy!

  • Posted by Lori on Apr 25, 2008

    Those carrots would be enough for a whole freezer of carrot cake… just sayin’
    Love the froggy pool. (and the baby!)

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