Why I'm not a perfectionist 101

Posted on Aug 05, 2008. 2 comments

I've spent the past four days mired in perfectionism. If you don't know what fruitless determination looks like, please refer to my picture. It got so ugly my Husband and daughter were wearing sandwich boards around the house that said "Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here." Which did a fine job of scaring off vacuum salesmen and purveyors of pyramid schemes for a few days anyway. I was so determined to knit a perfect mirror image of some lace that I spent countless hours cursing, gnashing of teeth, rending of knitting and raised blood pressure. Finally for the good of the team I decided to abandon my endeavor after repeating the ugly lace repeat (whose design was settled upon in two independent brainstorming sessions) approximately 432 times. Even the best of intentions can't fix ugly knitting, no matter how much you try. Which is why I'm usually much more relaxed and fancy free when it comes to knitting. I suppose every once in a while I must poke the Perfectionist tiger, just to put it safely away, if not for me than for the greater good.
It's fitting that I'm struggling through my knitting at this time of year because it seems my 4 year knitiversary is upon us. I started knitting as a means of working through grief. My Father in Law was in the last stages of terminal cancer and I found knitting so helpful and soothing. Knitting has brought me so much in the past four years, friends, yarn, and sometimes tranquility. For your amusement here's a review of one of my first newbie mistakes. Enjoy with my Non-Perfectionist compliments.


  • Posted by Lyssa on Aug 07, 2008

    Oooh! Lobotomy Bock is my favorite.

  • Posted by husband on Aug 07, 2008

    Does this mean Maya and I can take off the sandwich boards now? (well, me, anyway; having her run around the park with her sandwich board is helping her sleep through the night).
    There’s Lobotomy Bock in the fridge, don’t forget.

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