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Posted on Sep 03, 2008. 3 comments

Sometimes there comes a yarn so beautiful, so soft, so fundamentally perfect that all you want to do is knit with that yarn.
I have big plans for manos silk blend, so big I'm willing to sloth in the world's longest line at the Alamitos Bay Yarn shop sale. Do not ask me for time or location because all the pretty yarn belong to me. Pwned.
Incidentally the above photo is the prototype for Mama Janes, the adult version of my Reversible Mary Jane Booties (Clicky for link).
Pattern coming soon!
Now I must shellac a layer of makeup on for my Mom's Club photo, which will appear in a popular parents magazine in the upcoming months. And Maya has to polish her halo while I ready her horns.


  • Posted by Carrie K on Sep 03, 2008

    The adult version, score! Then all I’ll need is a nice cushy rubber sole.
    I hope your Mom’s Club picture came out well.

  • Posted by Emily on Sep 05, 2008

    I love finding that yarn that inspires you to knit it up!

  • Posted by AlisonH on Sep 08, 2008

    Those booties are adorable! And I’m picturing a game of ring toss: the halo onto the horns.

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