The house that cards built

Posted on Sep 10, 2008. 7 comments

Sickness has fallen upon our house like locusts. Most likely because one member of the family likes to sample Aquarium of the Pacific glass each visit.
I'll give you three guesses who.
In between sneezes I've been knitting my Mama Janes.
I've only one more pair to knit in the smallest size. Note that the bind offs are slightly different in the pair pictured. The left has a pick up and bind off bind off for those that abhor crochet. The right treatment is for the rest of us, immune to the ignoble status of single crochet. All sizes require only one skein of the Manos del Uraguay silk blend. More info coming soon!
As if sickness and maniacal knitting haven't been enough to keep me busy, I've been attempting resuscitation of my laptop. For those keeping score this is laptop #3 since 2003. The operating system had a resinstallation, a second purchase of shoddy office 2007, and the wasting of perfectly good antivirus software. My pocketbook hemorrhages with each increasingly more painful laptop ailment. Next time I'm buying a mac.
Luckily I have yarn to cheer me up, by way of Spain Holland Belgium Roberta.
This yarn is considerably more well traveled than I am (which seems somehow appropriate for socks).
Maya looks forward to travel.
Just think of all those aquariums that provide new surfaces to taste!


  • Posted by KnitchPearls on Sep 14, 2008

    Miss Maya and I have much in common. :) I like to lick stuff I shouldn’t, too! Hoping she feels better soon! Loving the MJ’s! Slippers are the best! <3 xxx

  • Posted by Carrie K on Sep 10, 2008

    In Maya’s defense, how can you tell if it’s a good aquarium if you don’t test taste it?
    Hope you’re feeling better! Those mary janes are fab.
    Did you catch The SCC Monday?

  • Posted by Wendy on Sep 10, 2008

    How many licks does it take to get to the center of an aquarium? I can totally understand licking the cool glass of an aquarium on a hot day. Yum, yum.
    I love that last pic, such a happy girl!

  • Posted by Heidi on Sep 13, 2008

    awww poor baby, I am so jealous you are so close to an aquarium :)

  • Posted by Christie on Sep 10, 2008

    Lookit how cute she is! She’s so cute, I don’t want to think of her tasting the aquarium surfaces! So cute!

  • Posted by La on Sep 10, 2008

    are we still on for Saturday? I’ve got room for 1 more, if Roberta would like to join us.

  • Posted by AlisonH on Sep 10, 2008

    But she’s so cute… Love the footwear!

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