Of toes and tofu

Posted on Sep 15, 2008. 5 comments

If you've ever stayed awake late at night, tormented by wondering what a top down short row heel turn looks like knit flat, here's your answer.
I'm here to answer deep and thoughtful questions such as these (which also helps me double check the numbers on my Mama Janes-Pattern should be out by the end of the week).
Meanwhile while I was gnoshing thoughtfully on my cajun tofu during lunch, it occurred to me that one day soon I'd bear the responsibility of explaining to Maya where tofu comes from. These are some tough questions one must answer when you wear the Mom dunce Of the Year hat. And so a story was born.
On the plains of the wild west there once roamed a mythical creature. As the constant tide of unwashed masses made it's way through the North American West the legend was born. First accounts of Tofu Steak sightings trickled in over the years as settlers made their way through the vast prairies (coincidentally inventing prairie clothing as they were inspired by the wild prairie dog, domesticated today known by their new anglo name, the guinea pig). More and more gold prospectors found conclaves of tofu steak roaming free, like quivering dowling rods pointed straight to hades.
It was determined in a hugely important 49er summit (where good beer and Deadwood were born) that Tofu Steak was to be poached for it's immensely valuable handlebar mustache-like growth. And so the great Water Tofu Steak was hunted virtually into extinction.
Luckily a very wise (and hairy) New Orlean's cooking, Food Network tv show hosting Chef had combed the countryside very carefully for Tofu Steak high fructose corn syrup free derivatives. He took some back to his secret lab and BAM!?!!! Cajun Tofu was born. This story has absolutely nothing to do with the manufacture of tofu, but it sure does make me hungry.
Maybe this Mom job isn't so tough after all.


  • Posted by monica on Sep 16, 2008

    Maya is so lucky to be learning at the hands of a Tofu Master.

  • Posted by Lori on Sep 15, 2008

    I would like to ask if the Tofu steak is cut from one large Tofu steak or are they really little rectangles that run around barely peeking above the grassline?
    p.s. If you could kindly ship me the short row heel that you have completed, I will pay you a million dollars.

  • Posted by marri on Sep 15, 2008

    snort this is hilarious.
    and deadwood is magnificent. maybe almost as magnificent as firefly. maybe more so. ask me tomorrow. or the next day.

  • Posted by Lyssa on Sep 16, 2008

    When this first popped up I thought you had taken to knitting thongs. Just sayin’.
    I mostly hate tofu (one of the reasons I made a bad vegetarian. What’s to love about the cajun variety?

  • Posted by Carrie K on Sep 15, 2008

    As much as I like tofu, I’m still having french toast for dinner tonight.
    Watch SCC tonight.

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