Dowa Dowa Dowa

Posted on Sep 23, 2008. 3 comments

Over the years I've heard parents talking about the phenomenon of much loved children's items, called loveys. Mainly the stories involve midnight runs to big box stores for the emergency lovey replacement system. These stories came back to me as I realized to my horror that my child was developing a deep and meaningful relationship with Dowa.
She sings Dowa Dowa Dowa every time a bauble, slight breeze, or the simple act of breathing triggers her devotion. It started harmlessly enough, having to reread her 'stowies' a hundred times a day. Then she started insisting upon sitting on her Dowa car at all times. When not seated she would stealthily approach the dog bat-outta-hell style, Dowa tires screeching, horn blaring and fur flying. The books are much loved and worn at the edges tomes to numeros en espanol, birthday surprise parties for Isa, Dowa's Halloween costume, and about any other situation or scenario marketing mad men can contrive of just in time for the next market research focus group to convene.
At some point she decided to express her ever abiding devotion to a new Dowa object.
It may look like a three cornered hat but I assure you, it's not.
I'm plotting my Dowa-Velvateen-Rabbit-Shenanigans as of right now. And I absolutely, unequivocally rebuke the idea that the three cornered Dowa hat will accompany us on any occasion that requires crossing the threshold of my house.
When not playing the part of the Dowa Dowager I've been quite busy planning and plotting the release of my latest knitting pattern, Mama Janes.
A sophisticated seamless mary jane style slipper.
Sale price available for a limited time only!
$6 USD

While I've been squandering ten years of education pondering toilet seat hats (Aside: Poppalina you are my new hero). I discovered one of my classmates ponders real, bulleted-talking points adult type topics on his blog.
Although at this point I must confess politics gives me the urge to crawl under a rock while wearing the latest in fashionable ready-to-wear commode seat hats.


  • Posted by La on Sep 23, 2008

    So, I take it Dowa’s coming over tonight too?

  • Posted by Heidi on Sep 23, 2008

    We have the same dowa potty seat :)
    muaahahahahaha thankfully she seems pretty excited to use it… mini m&m’s get the credit for the boys being potty trained…. 1 for a pee and 3 for a bm
    fruit snacks also work :)

  • Posted by AlisonH on Sep 23, 2008

    She’s just saving it for her dowa-ree some day.

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