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Posted on Dec 06, 2008. 3 comments

I said recently that I'd shared the last of my Hawaiian photographs, but I was careless with my truthiness.
While still in Hawaii the Fickle Clan undertook a small excursion to Isle Knit in Downtown Hawaii. I expected a typical knitting shop storefront, but this is what greeted us
Note to self, ask for more yarn storage.
Maya is getting her yarn shop sea legs.
This is the same expression Maya had when she laid down prone on the costco bathroom(!) because I dared turn away to wash my hands. This is also her visage as she sprinted halfway across the costco warehouse when I foolishly stopped to purchase water for her sippy cup.
She is entering the terrible twos.
Here's where I'd put my words into feelings over this new development if those particular words were appropriate for polite society.
Instead lets look at a calming pic of the ocean while I collect myself.
Looking at flying pestilences aren't calming?
Let's try again.
(Just for Lene!)
I've been knitting while trying to keep from grinding my teeth out of my head during the terrible twos. I've finished with the cowl I'm submitting for the Knitting Purls design contest.
And have made respectable progress on my newest design called Stargyle Scarf.
I've stumbled across some cool links lately while looking up the terrible twos on the internet. This pastime is not recommended, check them out.
The 1918 manual on War Vegetable Gardening and Storage.
Donate your used digital camera to LA's skid row photo club.

WiseStamp Email Signatures

Hi Def photos I wish I'd taken.

I need to gain some perspective on being two so I'm going to try laying on the floor. My main question is can I still knit while laying down?


  • Posted by AlisonH on Dec 06, 2008

    Oh, and your pigeon picture? Had me guffawing: Newsweek had a piece this week about offsite data backup companies, telling the tale of a guy who left his laptop on a ledge. Went inside for a moment, came back out to find a crow standing on his laptop. Which he startled away. And then he watched his computer fall six stories, to be instantly run over by umpteen cars (which it fortunately didn’t land on.)
    Two-year-olds can be funny that kind of funny sometimes. But they’re always, always cute.

  • Posted by Email Signature WiseStamp on Dec 06, 2008

    Thanks for the stumble review :)

  • Posted by AlisonH on Dec 06, 2008

    Have you ever listened to Sandra Boynton’s Penguin’s Lament from her Dogtrain album? “Can anyone small be anyone serious?” And then the indignant foot-stomping "I"M SERIOUS!!!" Sums up two-year-olds perfectly and is dead funny, especially in that it goes from tantrum to celebration on a dime.
    You can laugh and swoop them up in a hug and make things better in ways that later you’ll wish you could still do; when they’re teenagers, you have to talk and negotiate your way back to cheerfulness with them.
    Having someone around who knows what it’s like to have a two-year-old helps when it needs to be funny rather than hair-pulling. I had a two-year-old and a new baby three times, so anytime you want to chat, hey, I’m here. I just wish I could be chasing after her in person for you while you sit and enjoy a good mug of hot cocoa or a good book. Mom-breaks help. Two months till Stitches West (do they sell decent hot cocoa there?)

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