Hollywood and Snowflake

Posted on Dec 31, 2008. 4 comments

I can't be the only one who has finished knits for months until I bother to photograph them.
Maya's Snowflake Sweater is almost finished being patternized.
? ? Pronunciation [pat-ern-tahyz-ed; Brit. pat-n--tahyz-ed]
–verb (used without object), -nized, -niz?ing.
2008; Fickleknitter
1. To translate poorly written design notes into a readable pattern.
2. Wonders why my Masters is in physics instead of entomology since I have no difficulty making up words, with an emphasis on creative use of profanity.
3. I can type what ever I want here, ha ha ha.
4. Ahem.
I'm somewhat ashamed to report I started this sweater in July of 2008 (I was going to type July of this year, but that would be too transient), and I'm just now getting around to finishing up. With special thanks to Jen for igniting that flame thrower under my person.
My goal for today is to make some nice illustrations to show where to steek and give the knitter an idea of what in the world to do. I started making special illustrations for my sweater designs to help folks visualize the usual troubling spots in patterns. You can see two for Hollywood and Vine below.
In this case the images aid the knitter in understanding waist shaping placement on the garment. Hollywood and Vine also includes illustrations on how to complete the yoke. The sleeves are knit along with the main body of the sweater which is great for those who don't care for seaming.
Speaking of Hollywood and Vine, the seamless knitting pattern is now available for the insanely low price of $6 USD. Buy yours now! Keep Fickleknitter in Yarn! Celebrate the New Year in Style! Side effects include but are not limited to: Jubilation, Extreme Self Satisfaction, and in limited cases Sanctimonious Smugness.
A seamless short sleeve sweater knit in the round from the bottom up. Waist shaping and purl detail flatters and enhances the waist. Gathered sleeves accentuate the positive in this modern yoked sweater.

Pattern available in Sizes: 32(36, 38, 40, 42, 44) inches.
Brown Sheep Nature Spun Sport Weight [100% Wool; 184/168 yd/m per 50g skein]; color: Burnt Sienna; 5(5, 5, 5, 6, 7) skeins
One US 5/ 3.75 mm circular, US 5/ 3.75 mm DPNs for sleeves, or needles needed to get gauge.
5.5 stitches per inch.
Row Gauge
7.5 rows per inch
Sizing and Ease
This sweater has negative ease. Knit the size that corresponds to your actual chest measurement.
Stitch Markers
Pattern on sale now for only $6


  • Posted by Restless Knitter on Dec 31, 2008

    So the second T (tahz) sound comes from the invisible T? Learn something new every day.
    Have a wonderful 2009! (That’s won-dirT-full in case you didn’t know.)

  • Posted by Carrie K on Dec 31, 2008

    Yes, you can be. Any thing I finish is trumpeted to the high heavens. Immediately.
    Cute sweaters! Glad you’re feeling better.

  • Posted by marri on Dec 31, 2008

    love love LOVE maya’s sweater!

  • Posted by kruse on Dec 31, 2008

    Happy New Year Fickle Family!!

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