Year of Our Knitting, 2008. It was a good year.

Posted on Jan 01, 2009. 4 comments

1. dc_foreva, 2. colorado_socks, 3. tracker_test_side, 4. yeah_heart_valentines, 5. eps_nordic_preblock, 6. swifter1, 7. icelandic_sweater_fin, 8. bouncing_ball, 9. mama_janes_medium, 10. paper_towel, 11. reversible_booties_stockinette_side11, 12. produce_bag_apples, 13. toddlr_tracker_hat, 14. hollywood_and_vine_front_sleeve, 15. apollo1, 16. halloween_08_punk, 17. Versacowl, 18. idapansycowl, 19. specialsnowflake, 20. Mom_Scarf_December_2008, 21. goody_natural_light, 22. stargyle_fin, 23. twinkle2, 24. fickleknitter_official_logo, 25. my_little_cylon


  • Posted by AlisonH on Jan 03, 2009

    Very cool. Well done!

  • Posted by desiknitter on Jan 05, 2009

    Wow, that is quite a spread! Congratulations on the designing, and I love the Norwegian sweater and the slippers!
    May 2009 be as fruitful…

  • Posted by lyssa on Jan 02, 2009

    I am very impressed! This year I barely finished anything (though boy did I start lots of stuff…)

  • Posted by Kruse on Jan 03, 2009

    That’s an impressive year of knits. As a newbie knitter mine would show several baby hats (knitted for charity) two scarves and half a bag. My greatest achievement knitting this year is a pair of mittens for which I spun all the yarn on a homemade drop spindle created from a stick, a circle of cardboard and four pennies!
    BTW, Maya’s Halloween Punk Kid photo is my No 1 favorite image for 2008.

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