Plants I have nothing to do with and I quite like ending sentences with prepositions.

Posted on Jan 07, 2009. 4 comments

One of the best things about living in Southern California is the ability to stumble out of bed and find free breakfast in my backyard. Thankfully there is a rule that if your tree extends into your neighbors yard, said neighbor may stumble their way into eating that fruit. Which is a mixed bag of nuts since our neighbors find themselves with baskets full of our guavas since the tree is street adjacent. Really it's okay since guavas taste like shampoo to my non native Californian taste buds.
I have nurtured these plants very carefully since starting them 12 days ago. I filled the water reservoir, plopped in some nutrient tabs and plugged in my aerogarden. That was hard work for this brown thumbed gardener.
In between gardening and knitting I managed to have Maya sit on the potty! Which sadly means her Dowa hat has now been retired. I've also found myself playing the newest episode of Yo Gabba Gabba over and over and over because the song Rainbow Connection is performed by Paul Williams. It's showcased in the "Weather" episode for those other serial nostalgics out there.
Ever wonder how to test numbers in a knitting design the easy way? In this example I had a problem with my apollonius sweater yoke. So I cast on the number of stitches in the troubling portion of the knit, and worked my decreases sequentially. Turns out my math was good but my chart was bad. This is why designers use test knitters! Thanks to Lisa for finding my mistake.
I'm also working on a new design. When finished it will be a lacy tribute to rometardedness.
The swatch pictured is supposed to be cresting waves, a motif commonly found in roman mosaics according to my google-fu. I haven't blocked the swatch yet but to my eye it looks more like a horse head. Well that's roman too isn't it?! Right? Right?
Speaking of animals Lyssa sent me this incredible owl print. She's started her own art business when not commanding power tools to do her DIY bidding and chicken keeping.
Lyssa also sent me a mishmash of Japanese treats.
The top package is some sort of wasabi candy bar (yum! I bet this doesn't taste like shampoo!), bottom left appears to be a mushroom that scares ruler-wielding rabbits and bears, and the bottom right goes into tea. These are my best guesses since I can't read Japanese. I bet some of this will taste great with my free fruit breakfast. Thanks Lyssa!


  • Posted by Hilari on Jan 08, 2009

    wasabi candy bar? why am i getting an image of a giant green hello kitty gummi that tastes of flaming horseradish?

  • Posted by Roberta on Jan 08, 2009

    You have an aerogarden!!! I so want that, though I might be the first person to kill plants in an aerogarden.
    Horsehead or cresting wave, they are both cool.

  • Posted by Carrie K on Jan 07, 2009

    It looks like a sperm. Maybe blocking? lol.
    Thanks to La, I’m all into Rome: The Cancelled Series and once again all huffy on Kevin McKidd’s account.

  • Posted by Carol on Jan 07, 2009

    Aerogarden! Want!

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