New Glasses = White Balance Magic

Posted on Jan 12, 2009. 7 comments

Thanks to everyone who sent me emails, messages, and hugs after the loss of my cat, Geiger. It is deeply appreciated. Today was slightly better than yesterday in that I haven't broken out in hysterical tears but still the sadness pervades. You get so used to the same routine with pets and suddenly the mornings seem so much more empty without our little fuzzy guy around causing trouble and drinking from the toilet.
I finally managed to pick up my new glasses today. Every New Year's Eve we pile in the car for a fun filled day of eye exams and new glasses to spend out our flex spending account. This year I discovered my Optometrist is a knitter and very excited about knitting. I tried not to distract her during my exam because my vision is already very poor.
The end result? Love them. A certain politician made her way into the world stage this past year and she sported a very similar pair of glasses to my old pair. That's all I'll say about that.
Side note: Can anyone tell me why my kid poops so much? Gah. Writing to resume after I take off my nuclear containment suit and go through extensive decontamination.
I'm perfecting some formulas for public consumption. Here's my latest. White Balance = Magic. (My second most recent equation discovery is Two Year Olds = Truckloads of Poop).
White Balance is so cool! I use freeware GIMP to process my photos and it feels like I am always finding something new that improves my photos. Below are two photos of my Apollonius Yoked Sweater. They showed the stitch detail pretty well but there seemed to be something lacking.
A simple white balance (found in the color heading under auto) produces much better results.
I'm excited to say this sweater is being test knit and I'll be releasing it soon. Now if you'll excuse me I've got some more white balancing to take care of. Do you think it'll take off 10 pounds too? I could be gone a while.


  • Posted by lella on Jan 15, 2009

    Nice Specs! Nice tonsils on the Bebe, and that little sweater is pretty nice, too.
    There was an earthquake?
    Did the white balance to that weigh thing? thinks she herself needs to try that
    Mmmm Guavas make lovely ice cream

  • Posted by lyssa on Jan 13, 2009

    I always love getting new glasses…though the ones I have right now I love so much that I might keep them a while.
    White Balance sounds magical, like some sort of cosmic karma straightening sort of thing. It should be able to do anything.

  • Posted by Jaala on Jan 13, 2009

    Wow, that sweater is Gorgeous!!!! Can’t wait for the release.

  • Posted by Sunnyknitter on Jan 14, 2009

    Love the glasses and so sorry to hear about Geiger. I realize that’s a weird juxtaposition of thumbs up and sorrow, but that’s life in a nutshell sometimes, isn’t it? We’re off to a celebration of life this weekend in Carmel, same kind of weirdness. Hope the rest of your week’s not too full of poop…

  • Posted by Corrina on Jan 12, 2009

    Love the sweater. And thanks for the gimp tip. I love my gimp, but I’m still learning about it!

  • Posted by Lori on Jan 12, 2009

    Maybe there is something in that tool bar to also take care of the poo…
    Loving the detail of the sweater.
    Loving the non-politician styled glasses.
    Loving this whole little post.

  • Posted by Aponi on Jan 12, 2009

    I like the glasses! I have so much trouble finding frames that fit my face – most adult frames are too large and kid frames are too small! Beautiful sweater, too!

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