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RIP Ricardo Montalban. I watch Wrath of Khan with great joy every time I'm doomed to be awake in the wee hours of the night with Maya. Montalban's portrayal of Khan never gets old and that's saying something.
May your casket be lined with rich Corinthian leather, my friend.
Today is Maya's 2 year and one month birthday. This is what I was doing two years ago today.
Among changing my 12th diaper of the day, avoiding my masters thesis, figuring out how to nurse, and stumbling around on the smallest amount of sleep humanly possible I was laughing at her crying her eyes out. The rewards of Motherhood are so great sometimes. Sign me right up for the Bad Mommy club.
What am I doing with myself 2 years and one month later? Releasing knitting patterns (and avoiding masters thesii) like there's no tomorrow. Have a look at my latest, the Stargyle Scarf. Take that and like it you emo loving wussies!
Stargyle Scarf is a simple stockinette scarf with argyle detailing.
This is an ideal pattern for yarn substitution. Use yarns that are approximately the same weight for best results.
I used a combination of stranded and intarsia techniques to knit the Stargyle scarf. The major blocks of color (Old Gold, Burgundy, and Black) were knit using stranded knitting. The white argyle lines were knit with bobbins, using intarsia to prevent long floats on the wrong side of the scarf. An alternative is stranded knitting while weaving the floats as you work across the stitches, relying solely on intarsia, or adding the white argyle lines with duplicate stitch after the knitting is complete. Use whatever style or combination is most comfortable for you.
**Skills Needed**
Colorwork either Intarsia or Stranded Knitting
Chart Reading
Pattern available for only $6.00


  • Posted by Lori on Jan 14, 2009

    Maya’s curled toes make me laugh.

  • Posted by Lene on Jan 14, 2009

    Love that pattern! Now if I only still knit…
    Also love the story of early motherhood. In that “so glad it’s not me” way. ;)

  • Posted by Carrie K on Jan 15, 2009

    I just heard about Ricardo Montalban on my way into work this morning. So sad. He was such a gentleman.
    Oh, your daughter poops so much because you continue to feed her. If you stop that, the poop will cease. ;)

  • Posted by Carol on Jan 14, 2009

    Thesii? Is that a word? Wait, you used it and you have them, so you would know, right?

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