Unbridled Optimism

Posted on Jan 19, 2009. 2 comments

While listening to the rebroadcast of Martin Luther King's infamous speech this morning it came to me that I drew Dr. King in high school art school fifteen years ago. How could I not dig it out for a photo?
I sit here today feeling so much optimism for our country fueled in part by too much coffee, an overdose of pundit-driven television retrospectives, and the fact that I can say any major life event in my life occurred fifteen years ago.
For anyone else desiring an abundance of nostalgia, hope, and patriotism have a look at these flickr sets.
Inauguration 2009

Message for Obama

Barack Obama "2008" Photos
Now I return to my coffee, optimism and knitting while I watch this new, beautiful history unfold. Today it is finally good to be an American again.


  • Posted by mindy on Jan 19, 2009

    Happy MLK day today, happy Obama day tomorrow!

  • Posted by Carrie K on Jan 19, 2009

    Very nice drawing!
    I had to get his speech from iTunes today. I really wanted to go to Yerba Buena Gardens waterfall (his speech in excerpted in rock there) but they’re setting up for the inauguration tomorrow.

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