The box of Joy

Posted on Feb 23, 2009. 5 comments

Today was a mixed bag in the mail department. On the one hand I received my first print mag rejection, a right of passage I'm proud to have.
This one from the Interweave Press, Knitscene magazine. I've revised the sweater pattern since submission and I think it'll work much better with my additional experience in designing. I knew this rejection was coming as the magazine chose it's designs in December. It didn't sting as much as my first Knitty rejection. But my ego was all atingle. Albeit briefly because the box of Joy was included in today's mail.
What is the box of Joy you may wonder? A box full of spinning delights, perfection embodied. I totally forgot about Knitscene when I rolled around in the fiber. Rejection? What rejection? All I see is sweet sweet fiber. Thanks Jen for the random act of Awesomeness and for making my day!


  • Posted by mindy on Feb 24, 2009

    Wow- that box is enough to drown anyone’s sorrows!
    (the knitscene thing is just upping your odds for next time)

  • Posted by Heidi on Feb 25, 2009

    awesomeness is the greatest.word.ever.

  • Posted by marri on Feb 23, 2009

    that box of roving kind of looks like cotton candy! and/or i have a sugar tooth today.
    (i still think knitty is crazy for not taking that beautiful pattern!)

  • Posted by Lori on Feb 23, 2009

    Boo for Knitty.
    Yeah for spinning. I love the blue/green one!

  • Posted by Roberta on Feb 23, 2009

    too bad about knitscene.
    But that second box in the mail …. deliciously yummy happiness in a box

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