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Posted on Feb 25, 2009. 11 comments

I attended high school with someone who is a writer and producer in Hollywood. He writes for a Monday night prime time show that rhymes with my favorite bad word (coincidentally both contain the same last 3 letters). Last week the main character cohabitated in a planned community full of baddies out to destroy all that is good with the world. It was a sinister neighborhood full of evils such as Jenny McCarthy, Andy Richter, perfectly manicured lawns and high speed internet. The funny part? The suburb was named after the home of the wealthy in our home town. Not your merely upper middle class, declasse new money run of the mill rich but oft whispered wealth. Black American Express Card wealth. Silver service for tea wealth. Chanel suits as a matter of course and personal drivers multi-generational wealth. Mocked on TV. It was brilliant, absolutely brilliant. That there is your daily cup of Irony. Enjoy with my compliments.
Speaking of high school, (those hallowed halls of disillusionment which held my clockwork like apathetic dismissal of the necessity of homework) it struck me that my teachers would be shocked to know I do work now that offers no immediate reward. Grades couldn't motivate me. Well meaning threats didn't persuade. But now, now I have my own business. And thusly I wrote a 1,357 word article for submission to my favorite online knitting periodical. (You know the one, it rhymes with splitty). And if it's not accepted there's no reward, no grade assigned, no future college admissions officer admonitions.
Cresting wave sketches for knitty article.
When I sat down to write the article I collected my images, wrote my title, filled in all the blanks, dotted my T's and crossed my I's (no apostrophes where harmed in the writing of the article). Then I sat back and smugly searched for my word count, for surely I must have met the requirement. 337. Three-hundred and thirty seven words down 663 left to go. Somehow, somewhere those maligned high school teachers were laughing at my pound of flesh. And rightly so.
And for absolutely no reason at all I'll close with a picture of a bird in my yard
I bet Alison will appreciate it.


  • Posted by AlisonH on Feb 28, 2009

    The last thing anyone said to me as I was going out the door, leaving Stitches tonight, was someone calling over to me, Hey! Nice socks!
    Notice, not nice shawl; nice socks. And they were yours. I was so hoping you’d get to see, but someone out there was glad they got to.

  • Posted by Lene on Feb 26, 2009

    I am also pathetic enough to click’post’ without saying good luck with the article.

  • Posted by AlisonH on Feb 28, 2009

    And I do! Thank you! It’s looking like, hey, can I go to Stitches too?
    Hoping to see you today!

  • Posted by Sandra Singh on Feb 25, 2009

    Good luck with the Knitty article, my knitting needles are crossed for you. BTW I love this last shot of the bird and is it an orange tree?

  • Posted by mindy on Feb 25, 2009

    Y’know, a bird in the yard beats… I dunno. But its a great shot (you’re still loving the camera).
    You’re Knitty article will be there and it will be great to see it.

  • Posted by Lene on Feb 26, 2009

    It’s really pathetic that I’m going to have to check Monday’s listings to figure out a) the name of the show; and b) your favourite swear word. I am a loser.
    Nevermind the bird, is that LEAVES?? And FRUIT??? I’ve heard of such things. Sigh…

  • Posted by Michelle on Feb 25, 2009

    Okay Okay, it’s Chuck! :)

  • Posted by lyssa on Feb 25, 2009

    Hey, I have a silver service for tea!

  • Posted by Sandra Singh on Feb 25, 2009

    Good luck with the Knitty article, my knitting needles are crossed for you. BTW I love this last shot of the bird and is it an orange tree?

  • Posted by Restless Knitter on Feb 25, 2009

    Dammit, I can’t figure out your favorite cuss word to know what the show is.
    Have fun at Stitches!

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