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Stitches West was incredible. It left me speechless (Me? Without something to say? Really?).
The Marketplace was full of life and color.
And on our morning walk I discovered why I was drawn to the gorgeous yarn by Knitting Notions. It's deeply saturated color pleases me to no end.
I finished my Wavelength shawl. It's knit from the long edge to the point using bits of koigu. The finished shawl is asymmetrical, almost a sail shape. I'll try to capture photos of its asymmetry soon. I'll be releasing the pattern after it makes it way through the test knit process.
koigu_working_title_tilt koigu_working_title_front
My favorite purchase of the weekend was my Bosworth spindle.
My favorite moments were spent hanging out with CarrieK.
I met some fantastic artists at Stitches, learned from fabulous teachers far more clever than I, and spent more money and ate more food than I care to acknowledge. I laughed hard and continuously. I made new friends. All in all it was an auspicious weekend.
And Alison? We'll have to make up for missing each other next year. It's in my calendar.


  • Posted by Carrie K on Mar 03, 2009

    Wavelength isn’t called Castigation? But I was getting attached to that name. :)
    Purty flowers and purty yarns.

  • Posted by AlisonH on Mar 04, 2009

    I wanted to see you! But like I say, at least I had someone stop me on my way out the door to tell me how cool my socks were. Which you’d knitted and gifted me with.

  • Posted by mindy on Mar 04, 2009

    Sounds wonderful! I know East was alot of fun- they’re moving it next year and I don’t think it will be doable then- wahhhh.

  • Posted by Roberta on Mar 02, 2009

    That color is gorgeous indeed.
    I actually drove past Santa Clara this weekend, I was tempted to make the driver take a detour :)
    (Can’t wait to feel up all your new yarn. Yes, I said feel up, hihi)

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