Lopsided Chrysalis

Posted on Mar 18, 2009. 6 comments

growing caterpillars
Maya's caterpillars have grown substantially, she holds the caterpillar cup and says "hungry" over and over while flapping her arms. It won't be long now before the chrysalis stage when the real fun starts. (I'm starting to wonder when I'll enter the post apocalyptic Girl Scout Cookie Chyrsalis, should be any second now).
holz & stein knitting needles with purple knitting notions yarn
I took a Knitting Ergonomics class by Carson Demers at Stitches West. The class structure had you examine your own habits and look for potential problems. After a little introspection I was finally able to determine that slick, fingering weight yarn works best for me on wooden needles. The Holz and Stein needles slow me down just enough to prevent repetitive wrist strain like the kind I experienced while designing Crop Circle. Carson was a fantastic teacher, warm, friendly, and informative. And he helped prevent my arm from looking like Maya's broken down Dino toy by the end of the week.
broken dino toy
Carson also advocated working on varied projects with different sized needles, and yarns. I've taken that idea and run with it. Thanks to his suggestion I have *some* number of knitting and spinning projects where *some* number lies between 10 and Infinity. And I take short breaks in between the alarmingly high number of knitting projects to do productive things like shop on etsy compulsively spruce up the blog for Spring.
sheepish creations etsy combed toppoppy flowers fibers esty combed top
What do you think? That sounds plausible right? Etsy shopping is for good health. Just like frequent Girl Scout Cookie breaks spaced evenly throughout the day.


  • Posted by Kath on Mar 18, 2009

    I love the concept that having eleventy bajillion differnt WIPs is actually the ergonomically correct thing to do!
    Of course Girl Scout Cookies are good for you! There’s at least a gram or two of protein in each serving, right???

  • Posted by Ulrika on Mar 21, 2009

    How exciting to watch caterpillars like that! Fun!

  • Posted by mindy on Mar 18, 2009

    Girl scout cookies are a must! (helps the lift and raise muscles). And we all know taking frequent breaks to work the “mouse” muscle is very important. There should always be a 10 project minimum, and I don’t believe its unreasonable to have at least 2 spinning projects going. With all this variety, there shouldn’t be any repetitive motion problems. (at least that’s my story, and I’m stickin’ to it.)

  • Posted by Carrie K on Mar 18, 2009

    Very plausible!
    Grow, caterpillars, grow!
    I suppose it’s not helpful to switch between size 2 needles and size 3?

  • Posted by Restless Knitter on Mar 18, 2009

    I want butterflies now.
    No one has tried to sell us cookies, I’m very disappointed because I haz none.

  • Posted by Lynne on Mar 18, 2009

    Fiber shopping and Girl Scout Cookies? Now that sounds like a perfect combo!

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