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I'm up to Forty-Three pages from the original 23 I had when I picked up my thesis for the thousandth time. This morning when I checked my inbox there was an email from the head of the Physics department with an essay on how to address deliberate procrastination Writer's Block called Write Before You're Ready: First Steps to Avoiding Writer's Block. And the essay spells out perfectly the cycle that I'm stuck in.
So you decide to go back to do some more reading, more research, take some more notes, and check out a few more sources. Eventually, though, you find yourself back at the keyboard. Somehow you can't find a way to express those thoughts that were so clear when you were reading and researching. Every sentence that you write sounds banal, weak, obvious or boring. "I'm not in a creative state of mind," you think. "I'd better wait until I have a bigger block of time" or "I'd better wait until I'm in the mood."
Three guesses on my first action after reading the story of my life, not counting rereading the list I made yesterday on what to do with myself. (Binge stress eating was not on that list, and neither was buying fiber compulsively from etsy or new spinning wheel acquisition).
I promptly printed out ANOTHER article and read it. I feel like the protagonist in a Sartre tome. This version bearing a lens-touching instrument of torture of my creation.
At least there are butterflies here. And soon, soon there will be a gently used and well loved Schacht DT Matchless spinning wheel. I better hurry up and finish my thesis so I can use my newest toy.
butterflies and fiber 039 painted_lady_white_rose
In the meanwhile somebody please send Chocolate. Or Fiber. Or a sledgehammer. And maybe Scotch.


  • Posted by Lynda the Guppy on Apr 08, 2009

    Romance author Nora Roberts has often been asked about Writer’s Block. She has often said that her theory is you can always fix a bad sentence, but you can’t do anything with a blank page. So sit down and write. Anything that comes out can be fixed. (I’m paraphrasing, of course, but that’s the gist.)
    Good luck! You can do it!
    (And if you’re in the L.A. area, I’ll bring Scotch)

  • Posted by mindy on Apr 10, 2009

    Do you have a Trader Joe’s nearby? Sounds to me like you need the Pound Plus bars.
    Yay- a new wheel! New incentive! If you get that thesis finished, I’ll send you some mohair. So get cracking.
    (she’s so adorable I don’t know how you get anything done)

  • Posted by Zardra on Apr 07, 2009

    You can do it! rah rah rah
    If I was able to finish mine stuffed full of social science BS as it was, you can finish yours.

  • Posted by marri on Apr 07, 2009

    i have all of the above at my house. plus ocean a block away. come visit?

  • Posted by AlisonH on Apr 08, 2009

    You’re getting a Schacht? The wheel of my dreams! Wow. I once rented one, fell totally in love, and then found someone cleaning out her garage who sold me two Ashfords, all her fiber, and all her fiber books for $150 total.
    Never could justify buying a Schacht after that, but they are the best wheels out there.

  • Posted by Ida on Apr 07, 2009

    Ah, but you’ve almost doubled your output. That is something to be proud of.

  • Posted by Heidi on Apr 07, 2009

    very nice choice… I am excited for you!!
    when you go from hand spinning to spinning on a wheel… it is like wheeeeeeeeeee

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