Forrest Lawn

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The doorbell rang yesterday afternoon when I was knee deep in thesis work (56 pages and I've gone through nearly 90 AFM images). I thought it might be FedEx with my Wheel so I made haste to answer the door. The nicely dressed man from the local Funeral Home asked me if my Mom or Dad was home and if he could have a few words. ?!?!!1! He backpedaled when I informed him I was the homeowner. I don't know if I should be happy and buy him a drink or ? Perhaps there is no other answer.
I guess when compared with the inhabitants of Forrest Lawn I may as well be a fetus. And who knew the Funeral Home had so many activities? Shouldn't it be solemn and sacrosanct there? Does it seem odd that you can go on an Easter Egg hunt or Decorate a Pumpkin with the whole family (and I do mean the WHOLE family)? Isn't that totally macabre? It seems straight out of Edgar Allen Poe. "Look Maya, go and see if there's an Egg near Grandpa! Say hi to Great Aunt Millie as you go by!"
In other not quite as bizarre news Susan from Abstract Fibers (I just happened to have bought some of her gorgeous fibers at Stitches West. I went back to her booth a few times just to soak all the beauty in) left a comment asking for photography tips. Once I scraped myself off of the ceiling and then picked myself up off of the floor I put together a small list of things I do with my photos. I thought it might prove helpful so I'm going to include it below. Before I do I want to add that Point and Shoot cameras are so versatile these days. If you want to learn how to take great photos you can start by adjusting the settings on a point and shoot that you already own for free and when the right DSLR comes a long you can apply that to a new camera.
House of Fickleknitter's Meager Photography Tips
If I'm photographing fiber or yarn I take it to the room with the best natural light in my house and then I put it on top of white posterboard (which costs under $2). Sometimes I'll pin things out if the details can't be seen.
I take many more pictures than I need to try and get different angles and I change the modes of the camera (portrait, outdoors, macro, etc) for interesting shots. I usually snap 150 photographs and end up with 5 pictures that I really like. I don't always use the viewfinder, especially if the camera is in macro mode and really close to the object.
The last thing I do probably makes the most difference, post processing. I crop, resize and then adjust exposure, contrast and brightness. Rarely I'll adjust the temparture (to make the colors warmer).
I've been using a regular point and shoot camera until February when I found a DSLR for a song at Circuit City. If a new camera is something you want, you can sometimes rent them from local shops or if you are friends with a photographer they may let you try theirs. I fell deeply in love with Nikon D40, which is considered and entry level SLR camera. It only has 6 megapixels but the quality is so high, it's great in prints up to an 8 x 10 size.
The following photographs have nothing to do with Fetuses, Funeral Homes or Thesis Writing. Thank you, good night.
"Wave bye bye to Great Aunt Millie, honey"


  • Posted by mindy on Apr 17, 2009

    Beautiful photos- especially your daughter. Posterboard- great tip. Thanks for sharing.

  • Posted by AlisonH on Apr 18, 2009

    One other thought: pictures tend to draw the viewer in if you can in any direction divide them into thirds visually. It’s something I had never thought of consciously till someone pointed it out (my kids’ kindergarten teacher!), but once she did, it was like wow. Yes. Of course!

  • Posted by MichaellaS on Jul 21, 2009

    tks for the effort you put in here I appreciate it!

  • Posted by Kath on Apr 17, 2009

    Oh I think you should have bought him a drink! I love when people think I’m younger than I am. Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen very often anymore!

  • Posted by Andria on Apr 17, 2009

    Wow, I wonder what awesome friend of yours had a D40 that made you want one of your own. I WONDER.
    Also, doesn’t Maya look incredibly sweet when she’s plotting your demise?

  • Posted by kruse on Apr 17, 2009

    Thanks for the photo tips. Lovely images – especially the little flower in the middle.
    Hope the thesis goes well.

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