I drink your Milkshake, I drink it up!

Posted on Jun 26, 2009. 12 comments

I've been without a functioning f key on my laptop for 11 days. I can no longer type my favorite bad word. I'm forced to copy and paste the letter that comes between E and G each time I need to use it. MUCK YOU sounds so neutered and unproductive.
I exhausted myself knitting all those baby socks (Sock number Nine is on the needles for those tallying the crazy) and decided I needed a break. Something more instant gratification-y, something I could wear, something that would cause 1st degree burns and poking oneself with sharp needles. And it should take about an hour according to the package.
Well I'm here to tell you 312 hours later, 3 waistbands, plus some minor burns, and a scant few wounds from incompetence errant straight pins, I made something.
13 Days
And it fits! Please no histrionics, sewing is in no danger of stealing me from knitting. I've knit 9 socks since I sewed the first stitch in little skirt. Released two knitting patterns, visited two yarn stores and watched One Daniel Day Lewis latest epic movie (and I have no problems dropping my avorite f bomb while hiding my head behind a dinner napkin) . But I am a little bedeviled by Weekend Sewing. It's a sickness.
In the background my cotton grows and grows. I had to raise the Aerogarden hood because the Nankeen variety is nearly touching the lights.
Nankeen gives the finger
When Nankeen sprouted it looked remarkably like a mohawk, or a middle finger. Of course I could be managing the stress of being without my favorite word by finding its cousin in unlikely places.
The Red foliated cotton on the other hand chooses to show its rebellion in other ways. With a third leaf that looks nothing like its brothers. This little deviant has been listening to too much Morrissey or Siouxsie and the Banshees.
What can I say? It's great sewing music, Mother Muckers.


  • Posted by lyssa on Jun 27, 2009

    Nice job on that skirt! It looks very summer apropo.
    Pardon me while I geek out on your plants: The third leaf is the first “true” leaf – all subsequent ones will look like these. The first two are called cotyledons, and are formed from the two halves of the seed when it splits and sends out a root. Kind of like the yolk in a bird’s egg feeds the developing chick, this gives the plant some instant energy gathering power to use to form real leaves.

  • Posted by Aponi on Jun 28, 2009

    Nice skirt! I’ll bet the next one will be much easier!
    Very cool that you are growing cotton!

  • Posted by Erin on Jun 30, 2009

    Okay… we’ve got to work on your speedy sewing skills.
    Even if it did take forever – it looks great! :)

  • Posted by Kath on Jun 26, 2009

    My former employment made it necessary for me to use all sorts of f-bomb euphemisms, I think “Monkey Plucker” was in frequent rotation!
    Very cute skirt! I saw a wonderful pattern for converting vintage pillowcases to tank tops, but I probably won’t pull the sewing machine out until winter. :(

  • Posted by Heidi on Jun 26, 2009

    bedeviled. har.

  • Posted by Didi B on Jun 27, 2009

    There will be blood reference ftw!

  • Posted by Kruse on Jun 26, 2009

    “Mother Muckers!” LOL
    Congrats on the 3times waistbanded skirt. I have never, ever managed to make a skirt with an accurately fitting waistband, EVER! I always make my skirts at least 3 sizes too big or unable to be worn above mid-thigh. Thank the gods for safety pins!

  • Posted by mindy on Jun 26, 2009

    Very cute skirt!
    Muck may have to be my new favorite curse- though theres something that just feels so good about saying the other…

  • Posted by Wendy on Jun 26, 2009

    Cute skirt!
    I’m definitely with you on the slow sewing. Oi. But it’s still faster and more functional (or should I say munctional?) than knitting for certain things, eh, and now I’ve become a little more confident about it I’m a bit faster and not so fussy…kind of like I was with the knitting thing. The washing, ironing & cutting out fabric and pattern take the bulk of the time, definitely.
    Also with you on Weekend Sewing, goddamn I love that book. I’m going to adapt the baby kimono to a baby bathrobe later today (fingers crossed), but I’ve already made the trapeze sundress, the summer blouse, and the pajama bottoms, and have the pieces cut out for the kimono dress.

  • Posted by Kuky on Jun 26, 2009

    “Muck you” ha ha ha! And good for you for mucking (with an m) through and making something that fits.

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