San Antonio Texas and Pumpkin Steam Punk Style

Posted on Nov 05, 2009. 9 comments

The Alamo
The Alamo
San Antonio Riverwalk
The Riverwalk
Maverick, Texas Style
Down Houston Street
Holiday Inn Art
Holiday Inn Art
Stone Wall
Lens Flare at the Alamo
Alamo Walkway
Oak Covered Walkway
Steam Punkin
Recipe for SteamPunkin
Give an exuberant 2 year old a 5 pound pumpkin to carry around along with access to kitchen tools. Stand back while 2 year old drops pumpkin from a height of 2.5 feet onto half a tea ball. Finish with silver sharpie and fall leaves.


  • Posted by gray la gran on Dec 06, 2009

    wow … i lived in san antonio when i was a kid. we celebrated the bicentenial parade on the river … they threw wooden nickels and candy from the boats. what a blast.
    i am loving the quilt … i can’t wait to see how that evolves. i want to be a quilter too, but the process for me is slower than sock knitting.

  • Posted by Mildawg on Nov 06, 2009

    Fantastic pumpkin!
    Did you use hdr for the photos?

  • Posted by Michelle on Nov 06, 2009

    Thanks Ladies! Mildawg-I use a DSLR (Nikon D40) and photo editing software (picnik) for my photos. I didn’t use any hdr editing this time.

  • Posted by AlisonH on Nov 08, 2009

    Oh, that’s priceless!

  • Posted by mindy on Nov 15, 2009

    Love love love the pumpkin!

  • Posted by Clumsy Knitter on Nov 06, 2009

    DEFINITELY the best pumpkin I have seen this year. :)

  • Posted by Carrie K on Nov 06, 2009

    Great pix! Alas, poor pumpkin.

  • Posted by marri on Nov 06, 2009

    that is one kick-ass pumpkin.

  • Posted by Jane Comyns on Nov 06, 2009

    Great pumpkin and cool pics!

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