When all else fails pick up a new hobby.

Posted on Nov 12, 2009. 7 comments

JJs Quilt
I got back from Texas and realized, Shit! I have less than one month to finish my final thesis revisions, do battle with the office of thesis crazy making micromanagement formatting (there's an office for that?!!!), mail out my final revisions for evisceration by my thesis committee, write up a power point for my defense, teach a magic loop class on Sunday, finish knitting a wedding present for a friend like yesterday, write another knitting article and generally lose my mind. Which I treat with a lot of chocolate, knitting non deadline samples, and or sewing/reading about quilting. Notice the treatment involves NONE of my to do list.
Never Sits Still
Meanwhile I have to accomplish all this with Maya unable to sit still for even 1/400th of a second.
Sometimes I feel like Dancin'
Did I mention Maya likes to dance? These deadlines have caused me to drool at the mouth, crave peanuts, watch lots of hulu, and has left me unable to utter anything but simple sentences.
yarn bokeh
I like yarn.
San Antonio Zoo Hippo
I like Hippos.
Hippos are SO Cool
Maya can't sit still even for a Hippo.
Oh Hai
All this medicinal chocolate is going to turn me into an Elephantidae. But at least Elephants don't bother with Masters Degrees.


  • Posted by lyssa on Nov 16, 2009

    Let me know if you run out of yarn.

  • Posted by AlisonH on Nov 17, 2009

    Wow, so that’s what the bottom of an elephant’s foot looks like! (Do I sound distracted or what?)

  • Posted by Mildawg on Nov 13, 2009

    Oh my! That sounds busy. I love your photos, as always.

  • Posted by mindy on Nov 15, 2009

    Whew. Glad to know I’m not the only one with such awesome procrastination skills…

  • Posted by marri on Nov 13, 2009

    reading your post, i realized that after next weekend, i won’t have a quiet moment to myself until after christmas. AFTER CHRISTMAS. also, i haven’t bought a single gift yet. i think i need to hit the choccie bowl too.
    (fox just cancelled dollhouse, so go watch it while you can!)

  • Posted by Kath on Nov 13, 2009

    Yes, clearly you do not have enough to do. Now would definitely be the right time to start new hobbies! Or perhaps a home remodeling project? That should help! ;)

  • Posted by Clumsy Knitter on Nov 13, 2009

    Oh MAN! Would it be mean of me to say that I’m glad I’m not you right now? I recommend stockpiling lots of pretty yarn in a locked box that can only be opened AFTER everything is done. Then you can knit it stress-free, right?
    I don’t know what to do about your little cutie though…sedatives in her orange juice? (Kidding!)

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