Less than one week until my Thesis Defense

Posted on Jan 07, 2010. 17 comments

And morale and motivation are low.
Stricken Smitten Sinful Sock in Aubriana
I'm trying to cheer myself up with fabulous yarn. It works but only when I carry the yarn around in my arms like a yarn baby. (Which makes it awfully hard to type).
Miriam's Sock Monster
My Sister made me this awesome Swashbuckling Ninja Sock Monster who came to my rescue with a Starbucks gift card. It did lift my spirits in between flurries of revision requests arriving in my mailbox. And revision requests to those revision requests. I have a feeling a recursive algorithm could be written on my thesis revisions alone.
new needles
In a last ditch attempt at lifting myself up by my bootstraps I employed shiny new needles. But I know it's a lost cause though because even cookies aren't working. Send reinforcements soon.


  • Posted by Becky in VT on Jan 11, 2010

    Yarn, needles AND cookies aren’t working?? That does sound bad. I think you need a time-vortex to swoosh you to the other side quickly!

  • Posted by stephanie on Jan 11, 2010

    GOOOOO! Defense! Go Team Fickle!!

  • Posted by mindy on Jan 08, 2010

    Been to KnitPro’s website- they only have clear and pink- waaaaahhhhhh! Jennifer- do you have connections?

  • Posted by AlisonH on Jan 09, 2010

    Here’s what you do if you need a distraction to make you laugh: take a leftover Costco-sized clear plastic container with large lid opening. Throw in a few rancid nuts. Put outside on its side, and wait for the squirrels.
    Like I just did.

  • Posted by Sadly Blogless Jennifer on Jan 10, 2010

    The brightly coloured acrylic needles came from:
    Get Knitted is a lovely shop, but they charge a King’s Ransom to post to the US, be forewarned.
    The needles, or at least my wooden set, interchange nicely with the Knitpicks set. The nice thing about the European set is that you can order some of the odd mm sizes that are difficult to find the US as well as 40mm cords to make a 16 inch needle.

  • Posted by Big Alice on Jan 08, 2010

    Yay, almost done! Go go GO!

  • Posted by Natalie on Jan 08, 2010

    Congratulations on making it this far. I have found denial to be an excellent tool when approaching deadlines – right up until the end, at least. Best of luck!

  • Posted by isabelle on Jan 07, 2010

    how about bying new shoes ? you need them for the defense anyway :-)

  • Posted by Jennifer on Jan 07, 2010

    Funny, funny. I specifically checked in today expecting a squealing shrieking thesis-related post and since this one did actually happen to be primarily about your thesis (though rather about nervous squeals) I am convinced that my subconscious calendar is out of whack and that very very soon, that ecstatic squeal post will come. Seriously. I don’t know you and I’ve only been reading you for a couple months, yet I was going through my email and was interrupted by the thought of ‘Hmm, I wonder if that Fickleknitter lady has posted the good news, yet.’ Definitely proof that you will kick ass.
    By the way, your triangle scarf construction guide is fabulous (it saved me this Christmas when the MiL decided she didn’t want what I’d planned to knit her and instead took MY Manos silk blend and demanded a scarf with Stitch pattern A and a bit of lace B,etc. I’d never tried one before and with your guide: poof!)
    and I have some very good (conspiracy) theories about why it wasn’t accepted.

  • Posted by Andrea on Jan 08, 2010

    I’m so inspired that you’ve completed all of this work PLUS being a mother and an amazing crafter! I know you’ll be brilliant during your defense! Bonne chance!

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